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CryptoBlades Runs a Halloween Art Contest With Exciting Prizes!


Several P2E games started conducting fun Halloween events for their community members. Cryptoblades is also here to give us one! The team recently announced its Halloween Art Contest which runs from October 19-October 31. 

How to join the Halloween Art Contest?

  1. Create a Halloween-inspired CryptoBlades character.
  2. Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #SpookyBlades and tag CryptoBlades’ Twitter account.
  3. Submit your entry to

For bigger chances of winning, you can submit 9 entries! Make sure to complete the following quests as provided at

  1. Tweet with “My Halloween-inspired @CryptoBlades character and #SpookyBlades, #CryptoBlades” (+1)
  2. Follow CryptoBlades on Twitter (+1)
  3. Join CryptoBlades on Discord (+1)
  4. Join CryptoBlades Official on Telegram (+1)
  5. Commit to one Combat in Adventure Mode (+5)

Sample entries

Halloween Art Contest sample entry showing 3 spooky CryptoBlades characters
Halloween Art Contest sample entry showing a spooky background and CryptoBlades character
Halloween Art Contest sample entry showing one spooky CryptoBlades character holding a broom

Do you think you can do better than these art pieces? Then join now and have a chance to win in-game NFTs and tokens!


  • The first placer will win four (4) Gen 2 Characters, two (2) five-star Weapons, and 20 BUSD (Php 1,163.82).
  • The second placer will win three (3) Gen 2 Characters, one (1) five-star Weapons, and 15 BUSD (Php 872.87).
  • The third placer will win two (2) Gen 2 Characters, one (1) five-star Weapons, and 10 BUSD (Php 581.91).
  • The second placer will win one (1) Gen 2 Character, one (1) four-star Weapons, and 5 BUSD (Php 290.96).
  • Here’s the most rewarding part: the spooky character/s that you created will be implemented in the game as either a Raid boss or a monster in Adventure Mode!

The winners in the Halloween Art Contest will be announced on November 4th, Friday.

About CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a strategic NFT roleplaying web browser game launched on the Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, OEC Chain, Aurora, Skale, and HECO Blockchain. The game is brought to existence by the talented team at Riveted Games. Riveted Games is owned and operated by Philip Devine since 2014, releasing multiple award-winning titles on Steam, the world’s largest game marketplace. CryptoBlades allows its players to acquire amazing characters and weapons and improve them in order to defeat the opponent and earn SKILL tokens as a reward.

Find more info about Cryptoblades here.

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