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CyBall x Yield Guild Games Strategic Partnership


In a massive announcement, CyBall and YGG have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow Yield Guild to offer over 1,000 scholarships on the CyBall platform. See the announcement below:


  • Gabby Dizon — YGG’s Co-founder, will be an advisor to CyBall.
  • Join the Genesis CyBloc NFTs whitelist raffle to celebrate our partnership.

The CyBall team is extremely honored to welcome Yield Guild Games (YGG) onto our strategic partners lineup, with the aim of facilitating more players and scholarships to the CyBall metaverse. YGG will be a key partner in our quest to secure a stronghold for CyBall in the Play-to-Earn gaming sector right from day 1.

Furthermore, Gabby Dizon — YGG’s Co-founder, will also be joining CyBall’s advisory board to provide guidance to the core team directly on our efforts to expand the Play-to-Earn model.

In order to kick-start the CyBall scholarship program, YGG has reserved part of the Genesis CyBloc NFT packs, enough to onboard at least 1,000 CyBall scholars right at our alpha launch.

According to Jeff Holmberg, Head of Investments at YGG, CyBall is “an exciting cross between Football Manager and Pokémon, with four different game modes to attract both casual and competitive players with a fun game flow and Play-to-Earn mechanics that offer players multiple ways to earn.

In addition to this, CyBall also offers automated scholarship-type loans called CyLoans, which will provide even more earning opportunities to YGG scholars,” he added.

Speaking about this partnership, Tin Tran, Co-founder of CyBall, said, “YGG is an incredible partner who we believe to be a pioneer in the space that has, alongside Axie Infinity, shaped the way blockchain play-to-earn gaming has become. We believe that through YGG’s influence and exposure, CyBall will be able to reach the masses, not only in the Philippines but around the world.

With the overwhelming expansion of open entertainment on the blockchain, CyBall is proud to be cooperating with YGG to shape the future of Play-to-Earn gaming and to bring this phenomenon to the masses.

To celebrate the partnership, we are running a Genesis CyBloc NFTs whitelist raffle for community members who are in both CyBall and YGG’s Discord servers. Join the raffle now.

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