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DragonMaster’s Lucky-Draw Update#3 is Live With a 50% OFF Coupon, Expanded Ranking, and More!


DragonMaster, an RTS, MOBA, Collection, and Play-to-Earn Game built on Polygon announced on Twitter that their Lucky-Draw Update #3 is live. It has exciting changes that its players will surely enjoy!

What is Lucky-Draw?

The Lucky-Draw is a function that can be found on the homepage of the DragonMaster App where players spend TOTEM for each draw in exchange for props. A player must spend 50 TOTEM each time he or she draws, but just 225 TOTEM if he or she draws 5 times in a row! The more times the player draws, the more likely it is that he or she may acquire rare props.

Lucky-Draw in DragonMaster

Before we discuss the Lucky-Draw Update #3, you might first want to read about Update #1 and Update #2.

The Lucky-Draw Update #3

1. Add a 50% OFF Coupon

The DragonMaster team has added a 50% OFF Coupon to the prop prize pool. Players that get this item will receive a discount when drawing in Treasure Hunt!


The Coupon is valid for 3 days so use it as soon as possible after you get it.

2. Removed Trophy Double Card

To ensure the fairness of the RANK battle, the DragonMaster team just announced that the Trophy Double Card would be removed from the prop reward pool, and permission to utilize these props will be revoked. Owners of the Trophy Double Card are asked to recycle the props.

3. Updated prop probability

The acquisition probabilities of all props in the prize pool have been updated. The new probability is displayed in the following table:

Lucky-Draw updated prop probability table

4. Expand the rewarding scope in the Treasure Hunt leaderboard

The DragonMaster team has decided to increase the Treasure Hunt leaderboard ranking to the top 20 so that everyone has a better chance of making the leaderboard and winning big prizes!

If you love playing DragonMaster and participating in the Lucky-Draw, everything in this update is one good piece of news for you!

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