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Star Atlas Announced Escape Velocity Surge Event


Star Atlas is hosting its very first Escape Velocity Surge Event! From Friday, May 12 to Monday, May 15, players can take part in a limited-time fun inside Star Atlas.

What to Expect

During the 72-hour event, players will have the opportunity to come across rare and valuable loot. The chances of finding Silver Loot will be increased fivefold, while the chances of discovering Gold Loot will be 15 times higher than normal.

Escape Velocity Surge Event

Silver Loot includes the following items:

  • Pearce X4
  • Vzus Solos
  • Fimbul Airebike
  • CSS Base Tier
  • Core Ep4
  • Core Ep5

Gold Loot includes the following items:

  • Pearce R6
  • Ogrika Tursic
  • Fimbul Mamba
  • CSS Land Tier 1

How to Participate

To join the fun, just head over to during the event’s timeframe, from 12 PM EST on Friday, May 12, to 12 PM EST on Monday, May 15. Players can play the game using their web3 wallet such as Phantom Wallet.

About Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is a limited-time game inside Star Atlas that lets you test movement mechanics for their upcoming SAGE browser game module. You get to explore space, find loot, and experience real-time web3 technology. This helps the team test their innovative movement mechanics, which are vital for creating a strong and reliable metaverse.

Want to learn more? We have prepared a comprehensive guide for Escape Velocity. Click here to read!

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