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Stella Fantasy Releases on Steam


Ring Games shook its community by announcing the upcoming release of their Web3 game, Stella Fantasy, on the grand stage of STEAM.

But that’s not all—their ambitious plans include launching a mobile version of the game later this year, opening up great possibilities for players worldwide!

STEAM and Mobile Version Unleashed

The news about Stella Fantasy launching on STEAM and its new mobile version brought huge joy to its dedicated community. The game’s creators decided to unveil these announcements through a series of interviews with prominent influencers such as CryptoStache, Nikki, and Spike. This enchanting event took place at the prestigious 3XP Event, held at the Pasadena Convention Hall in Los Angeles.

Stella Fantasy has been a force to be reckoned with since its global release on April 13, 2023. Boasting mesmerizing anime-style visuals powered by the powerful Unreal Engine 4 and offering thrilling 3D action gameplay, the game has earned rave reviews from players worldwide. Its irresistible appeal has resulted in an astounding 95% D+1 retention rate for NFT holders and an impressive 80% for regular users.

Web3 Meets Web2

Ring Games, the masterminds behind Stella Fantasy, anticipate a monumental surge in Daily Active Users (DAU) once the game conquers STEAM and captivates gamers on a global scale. But their ambitions don’t stop there. The planned release of the mobile version later this year aims to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2 game enthusiasts, making Stella Fantasy easily accessible to all, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain and wallet creation.

By accomplishing these milestones, Ring Games aims to establish itself as a brilliant example of the innovative Web2.5 game model, constantly evolving and prioritizing user convenience since its inception as a Web3 game.

A Glimpse into the Future

Jooho YUN, the CEO of Ring Games, couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the roadmap for Stella Fantasy at the esteemed 3XP event.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share the upcoming major roadmap of Stella Fantasy at this important event.”

Jooho YUN

YUN emphasized his dedication to enriching the game’s content and investing further in expanding and maintaining the robust ecosystem of Stella Fantasy.

As the countdown begins for the arrival of Stella Fantasy on STEAM and the launch of its mobile version, all eyes are on Ring Games as they forge ahead with their audacious mission to captivate the world with their groundbreaking Web3 creation. Brace yourselves, gamers—the fantasy world is about to come alive like never before!

About Stella Fantasy

Stella Fantasy is a free-to-play Action RPG that revolves around collecting anime-style characters as NFTs. The game’s items and characters can be stored as NFTs in players’ wallets, giving them the opportunity to earn economic rewards for participating in the Stella Fantasy ecosystem.

Do you want to learn more about this best RPG in the Web3 space? Read our Stella Fantasy comprehensive guide and discover everything you have to know about this game.

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