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Sando-Level Up Guild and KooKoo Join Forces with Gensokishi Online – Meta World

Sando-Level Up and KooKoo Partner with Genso

Sando-Level Up Guild and KooKoo, a prominent community and personality in web 3.0, have announced a partnership with Gensokishi Online — Meta World, an MMORPG that incorporates blockchain technology into its metaverse space. This partnership will surely bring a new level of excitement for the players of Gensokishi fans!

What to Expect in the Partnership

The partnership between Sando-Level Up Guild, KooKoo, and Gensokishi Online – Meta World aims to not only expand Gensokishi’s fanbase in Japan but to also bring it to a global scale through the active participation and development of relationships through metaverse and blockchain-related events held around the world.

This exciting collaboration will not only provide opportunities for players to connect with each other from all over the globe but also create a consistent brand for Gensokishi Online – Meta World through KooKoo’s outreach within his community of followers. Additionally, KooKoo’s expertise in content creation will help to bring more visibility to Gensokishi Online – Meta World, and to promote the integration of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Sando-Level Up Guild Founder KooKoo with Gensokishi account manager Hayate Matts
KooKoo (right) with Gensokishi – Meta World Global Account Manager Hayate Matts (left)
Image source: Sando-Level Up

The collaboration between Sando-Level Up, KooKoo and Gensokishi is expected to bring a new level of excitement for the players of Gensokishi Online — Meta World, as the partnership will bring new events and activities, as well as opportunities for players to connect and share their experiences with other players globally.

About Gensokishi

Gensokishi Online — Meta World utilizes NFT technology, allowing gamers to profit and enjoy new games, build parties with friends, kill monsters, obtain valuable items, and engage with adventurers from all over the world.

About KooKoo

KooKoo, the founder of Sando-Level Up, is a prominent blockchain-gaming content creator and Filipino NFT gamer, collector, and blockchain evangelist. He is one of the pioneers in creating blockchain game content on YouTube.

About Sando-Level Up Guild

Sando-Level Up Guild is a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to onboarding, educating, and empowering other communities to contribute to building the Metaverse. Sando-Level Up Guild is a sub-guild of Yield Guild Games.

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