Pegaxy Raises $2.5M in Just Weeks With Industry Giants | P2E News

By: P2E News | October 7, 2021
Pegaxy Raises .5M in Just Weeks With Industry Giants | P2E News

The team at Pegaxy have just announced that their strategic private sale of the platforms native $PGX Token has ended with $2,500,000 raised. They have highlighted the funding will assist in the expansion of their talented team, and fast track the development of the Pegaxy game.

Here’s what they had to say inside the announcement:

We are proud to announce that we have completed a strategic sale of the ecosystems governance token, $PGX, and raised a total of $2,500,000. The rounds closed with three industry giants taking the lead: Capital, Kyber Ventures, and Shima Capital.

Other investors include:

  • Kyros Ventures
  • AstroV Ventures
  • TAG Ventures
  • Real Deal Guild
  • Good Games Guild
  • Momentum 6
  • BAP Ventures
  • Asteroid Capital
  • Poolz Ventures
  • TK Ventures
  • DCI
  • Do Ventures
  • TradeCoin Vietnam

Alongside many other excellent partners. The complete list of investors is available on our website.

The PGX token is key to the Pegaxy metaverse. Early members of the community will be the future of Pegaxy; together with the eventual governance power of PGX, these members will be able to shape the game’s development in the years to come.

This investment round enables us to grow the roots of the play-to-earn industry confidently and walk alongside games like Axie Infinity in its mission to change gaming forever.

The game is still on track for its Q4 release, and now the strategic sale is complete, we can acquire additional talent and resources to drive growth to Pegaxy and the entire industry.

We are grateful, hungry, and ready for the launch of the Pegaxy game — we hope you are too.

To hear more about our developments, click here as Corey explains everything in video form.

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