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Pegaxy Releases NFT Owner Stats | P2E News


Pegaxy has released their player distribution stats. According to the data released, ten countries in the world contained players who had significant amounts of Pegas in their possession.

Philippines and Brazil led the pack with 43% and 40%, respectively, making up for the vast majority of owned Pegas worldwide. This is followed by the United States with 5%, Vietnam with 4%, Romania with 3%, South Korea with 2%, and the UK, France, Canada, and Portugal at approximately 1% apiece.

A quick glance on the Apollo dashboard shows that there are over 230,000 Pegas currently in existence. As such, Filipino players own almost 99,000 Pegas and Brazilian owners are holding around 92,000.

Pegaxy Apollo Stats

Apollo is Pegaxy’s Official Data Dashboard.

The numbers show two things.

First, Pegaxy is thriving in places where the adoption of NFTs and P2E gaming titles is rather widespread. The Philippines is already the country with the most number of NFT owners in the world. And Brazil is also known for a thriving P2E and gaming community in general. Meanwhile, Vietnam and South Korea are among the countries with huge stakes in the future of the blockchain. As such, it’s clear they have an interest in a game like Pegaxy.

Second, the shared data shows that there’s a lot of room to grow, especially in Europe and the Americas. It’s also surprising that China and India haven’t caught up to this game. But then again, there’s still plenty of growth in the P2E space ahead!

Closing Remarks

Going back to the Apollo dashboard, it seems that the market has cooled down a little. And the floor prices of Pegas on the marketplace are back at 500-600 USDT. Overall all-time burn rates still remain at around 89 percent, though it seems that breeders were having a great time on February 23, Wednesday, as burn rates exceeded 100% at certain points in the day. Finally, more than half of owners are still renting out their Pegas within the 0-10% share ceiling – which is good to see.

It’s always interesting how games in the P2E gaming space gain their respective audiences – and Pegaxy is no exception to this.


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