Battle Bears Heroes is Now Available in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand!

Battle Bears Heroes, a new top-down shooter game, is now available for players in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand!

Introducing Mavis Market: Ronin's Groundbreaking NFT Marketplace!

Mavis Market, Ronin's first NFT marketplace is here! This platform enables anyone to engage in buying and selling NFTs. See full details here!

RON Staking Rewards Now Live with a High APR

Ronin has launched RON staking rewards! In this article, you'll discover everything you need to know about RON staking, its rewards, and how to get started.

Ronin Launches RON Staking and New Game Studios!

Ronin has announced the launch of RON staking. To celebrate the said launch, Ronin is thrilled to unveil the first game studio partners building on its platform!

Ronin Wallet Social Login is Live With Enhanced Security!

Ronin, Axie Infinity's digital wallet, has just introduced Social Login, a new feature that enables users to create a wallet using their Google, Apple, Facebook, or Twitter accounts in under two minutes!

Saigon: A Ronin Testnet For Developers is Live!

Today, November 23rd, Ronin announced the launch of Saigon, an open testnet for Ronin. Saigon offers several benefits to developers. What exactly are they? Check out this article for more details.

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