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Gods Unchained Comprehensive Guide: What You Need To Know in 2023


Have you ever wanted to play a trading card game that’s not only fun and challenging but also allows you to truly own your cards? Here’s Gods Unchained, a digital trading card game built on blockchain technology.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Gods Unchained:

  1. What is Gods Unchained
  2. How to Play
  3. Your First Match
  4. Tokens
  5. How to Sell NFTs

Let’s dive in!

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play trading card game where players compete in epic duels using fantasy cards. Players collect and trade cards, build decks, and battle against each other in online matches. What sets Gods Unchained apart from other trading card games is that it utilizes blockchain technology to ensure card ownership, rarity, and value, creating a truly unique and decentralized gaming experience.

Gods Unchained was developed by Immutable X which is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum-based decentralized applications. It is designed to offer instant trade confirmation, zero gas fees, and a seamless user experience for players of Gods Unchained. With Immutable X, players can buy, sell, and trade cards with other players on the marketplace with zero transaction fees, making it an excellent option for those who want to buy and sell their cards as NFTs.

How to Play

This tutorial on how to play will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Account Creation
  2. Game Mode Preparations
  3. Your First Match

Let’s start!

Account Creation

1. Go to and click “Create an Account” which is found in the upper right corner of the screen.

Gods Unchained website UI

You need to fill in your email and create a password, username, and referral code if there is any. Then, click “Create Account”.

Create account

Confirm your account in the email you used.

Confirmation email

2. Once you have successfully created an account, the game client will be automatically downloaded.

3. After installing, launch the game and log in to your account.


You might need to update the game as required. You may not queue for a match until the update is complete.

Now that your account is ready, it’s time to prepare for the game modes in Gods Unchained!

Game Mode Preparations

There are 5 game modes available:

  1. Casual
  2. Weekend Ranked
  3. Direct Challenge
  4. Tutorial
  5. Solo

Let’s first discuss each of them.


Here, you can engage in battles with other players without any concern for your rank. This means that regardless of whether you win or lose, your rank will remain unaffected.

Casual mode

When you click “Gather Flux”, you will see the gauntlet of the gods as shown in the image below.

Gauntlet of the gods

Here, winning a game unlocks new gods for you to play with. For example, if you choose to play as the nature god, you’ll see the war god on the left side of the flux wheel and the deception god on the right. The remaining slots are reserved for the light and death gods. However, to unlock the ability to play with the light and death gods, you must first play as the deception and war gods. As you win, you earn flux which you can use in fusing cards into a better version.

Weekend Ranked

This game mode is not new. Here, you play to rank up. You can also unlock rewards and earn flux for card crafting. Aside from gathering flux, you can also earn fragments.

Weekend Ranked

In Daily Play & Earn, Fragments are points that represent a player’s performance and determine their share of the Total Daily $GODS Rewards. The first 10 Ranked matches a player participates in generate Fragments, which can only be earned through victories. The initial 3 wins yield double the Fragments, enabling players to earn a substantial number of Fragments even if they can only secure 3 wins a day.


The number of Fragments obtained from a win depends on several factors, including the player’s Rank, the number of wins they achieve, and the Shine Quality of the cards utilized in the match.

Direct Challenge

With this mode, you can directly invite your friend to a battle by creating or entering a unique code.

Direct Challenge


This mode is perfect for beginners. You can learn the gameplay basics, how Mana works, and how to win!

Tutorial mode

Click “Select Mission”. At the start of the game, you will only have access to the first mission. However, upon successfully completing each mission, the next mission in the sequence will unlock. There are a total of six missions to complete, each one locked until the previous mission is accomplished. So, after finishing the first mission, you can unlock the second mission, then the third mission after the second mission is complete, and so on until you have unlocked all six missions.

Each mission displays the allotted reward.

Click “Mission 1” which is Planting Seeds.

Select a Mission

Once you have completed a mission, you will earn your rewards!



The last game mode is Solo. You can play this if you simply want to practice your skills and decks against the computer. Before playing, you’ll need to set up your deck.

Solo mode

A deck is a collection of cards that you use in a match. Gods Unchained has many cards that are divided into different classes, such as gods, creatures, spells, and relics. Each card has unique abilities, mana costs (the resource cost to use cards), and attack/defense values. Players can choose to build their decks around specific gods, which offer unique abilities and synergies.

To set up a deck, follow the steps below:

1. Click “Select Deck”

2. Click “Create Deck” which is found on the left side of the screen.

My Decks

3. Choose a god that you’d like to dedicate the deck. Hovering your mouse over the god you like will show its beautiful image!

Choose a God

4. Select a deck. You may choose a starter deck just to try it out.

My Decks

You may also create your own deck. Just follow the steps below:

1. Select the cards that you want in your deck. You can filter by mana cost.

Custom Deck

2. Finalize your cards. Note that you can have up to 3 copies of each card in your deck.

Custom Deck

3. Click “Select” on the deck you prefer to use against the computer deck. The selected deck will now appear and be ready to play.

Solo Mode


If you go to the Arena, you might have noticed the Loadout bar. Loadout does not affect the gameplay since it is merely for cosmetic purposes.


If you want to try it out, click any of the boxes and click “Create Loadout”.

Create Loadout

Here, you’ll see three different loadouts called:

  1. Boards
  2. Trinkets
  3. Card Backs
Build your loadout

Those locked loadouts/cosmetics can be purchased in the market.

Gameplay UI Structure

Before you try your first match, it’s important for you to learn the structure of the gameplay UI.

Gameplay UI structure

Card Structure

Card structure

Each card has four main stats:

  1. Mana cost
  2. Health
  3. Attack power
  4. Extra effects in the middle.

When attacking an opposing card, your attack power reduces the target’s health while also reducing your card’s health by the amount of attack power your opponent has. When a card is destroyed, it goes to the “void” and cannot be used again. However, there are certain cards whose effect is to bring cards back from the void.

Definition of Terms Used in this Guide

  1. Deck – displays the available cards. Hovering over it shows the number of cards.
  2. Combat log– shows your activities done such as usage of bags of tricks, picking up cards from sanctum, your draws, attacks, card effects, usage of spells, etc.
  3. Mana Wheel – shows the amount of mana you can use
  4. Bag of tricks – this is an item that gives you one extra mana to spend that turn
  5. Favor – a resource during the match for certain actions they perform, that the gods find pleasing.
  6. Sanctum – the in-game store where mortals can spend their favor in exchange for temporary cards outside of their deck.
  7. Emote – stickers that pop out when clicked. It depicts the emotion that you want to express during the game.
  8. End Turn Switch – a button used to end your turn and pass it to the opponent.
  9. Void– this is where destroyed cards go

Click here if you want to learn more terms used in Gods Unchained.

Game Mechanics

Matches are turn-based, and players take turns playing cards from their decks, attacking their opponent’s creatures and trying to reduce their opponent’s life points to zero. The first player to reduce their opponent’s life points to zero wins the match.

Your First Match

1. To start, you need to pick your God Power.

Pick your god power

2. Decide whether to replace 4 cards or keep the current cards.

Starting hand

3. All players begin with one mana slot. Simply click on the card and drag it onto the board.

GU gameplay

When a card is played, it “sleeps” for one turn and cannot be used to attack until the next turn, unless the card has blitz or god blitz – effects that allow you to attack as soon as you play the card.

Sleeping card

4. Once your turn is done, select the end turn switch on the right-hand side to end your round before the timer runs out.


Mana rises at a steady rate of one per turn until you reach five mana slots. After that, it takes more turns to unlock additional mana slots.

You can use a “bag of tricks” to temporarily unlock an extra mana slot for a turn. Players who go first get one bag of tricks per game, while those who go second get three in total but can only use one per turn.

Bag of tricks

5. Keep on exploring the best strategies in the game and enjoy the rewards.


$GODS is the ERC-20 native token of Gods Unchained, and it has the following use cases:

  1. Buying and selling cards and cosmetics
  2. Crafting NFTs
  3. Purchasing packs
  4. Rewards for holding $GODS tokens in IMX
  5. Voting power

A fixed amount of $GODS tokens will be allocated to a variety of Play to Earn campaigns such as:

  1. Weekend Ranked rewards
  2. Daily token reward system
  3. Quest
  4. Seasonal rewards
  5. Tournament
  6. Special game modes

Flux serves as another token in the game and is primarily used for fusing cards. Players can acquire Flux by playing the game.

How to Sell Cards and Cosmetics as NFTs

How to sell NFTs

To sell your cards and Cosmetics as NFTs, you’ll need to list them on the Gods Unchained marketplace You can choose whether to list them for ETH, GODS, GOG, IMX, USDC, and OMI. The marketplace allows players to buy and sell cards with other players without any transaction fees.

To list NFTs, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your collection section and select the item you want to sell.
  2. Click on the “sell” button
  3. Set your desired price
  4. Confirm the listing in your wallet

Once someone buys your NFTs, the transaction will be processed, and you’ll receive your payment in $GODS or other cryptocurrencies.

Ready to start playing Gods Unchained? Make sure to save this guide and be one of the best mortals! Join Gods Unchained Discord server now!

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