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Gods Unchained: Light’s Verdict (Limited Edition) is On Sale!


On October 4, 2022, Gods Unchained began discounting Mortal Judgement: Light’s Verdict by 14.8%. The sale ends on October 12th, so make sure to get your hands on one of their special edition packs before they run out! 

What is Mortal Judgement: Light’s Verdict?

Light’s Verdict is the final set of cards released in Season 1: Champions Rise. This will be available as a potential sixth card inside Mortal Judgement Expansion Packs purchased during the run of Light’s Verdict and while these special packs are still for a limited time.

The Light’s Verdict cards consist of 4 rarities, namely: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny.

Gods Unchained Light's Verdict Card Packs
Image source: Gods Unchained

Rare Light’s Verdict Card Pack

The Rare Card Pack can be purchased for a discounted price of $2.12. This pack consists of 1 Rare card (or better), 4 Common cards (or better) + a chance of the Rare Light’s Verdict card. 

Gods Unchained Rare Card Pack Price $2.12
Image source: Gods Unchained

Epic Light’s Verdict Card Pack

The Epic Card Pack costs $5.95 and consists of 2 Epic cards (or better), 3 Common cards (or better) + chance of an Epic Light’s Verdict card. 

Gods Unchained Epic Card Pack Price $5.95
Image source: Gods Unchained

Legendary Light’s Verdict Card Pack

The Legendary Card Pack is worth $21.29. This pack will give you 1 Legendary card, 1 Rare card (or better), 3 Common cards (or better) + chance of a Legendary Light’s Verdict card.

Gods Unchained Legendary Card Pack Price $21.29
Image source: Gods Unchained

Shiny Light’s Verdict Card Pack

The Shiny Card Pack costs $127.76. The pack includes 1 Shadow, Gold, or Diamond Legendary card, 1 Rare card (or better), 1 Shadow, Gold or Diamond common card (or better), 2 Common cards (or better) + 1 Shadow, Gold or Diamond Light’s Verdict card of any rarity.

Gods Unchained Shiny Card Pack Price $127.76

How to buy the Light’s Verdict cards?

To buy packs, go to here. Make sure that you added your wallet in your Gods Unchainded account, and it is linked to Immutable X. Of course, don’t forget to fund your wallet with enough balance! Then, select the pack you want to purchase and click “Buy Now”. After clicking “Buy Now”, follow the prompts to connect wallet and sign it to Immutable X. 

Why should I buy the Light’s Verdict Cards?

Light’s Verdict will function differently than a normal Expansion Set because it will not include its own card packs. As mentioned earlier, having a Light’s Verdict Expansion Packs will give you a chance to obtain an extra sixth card from the Light’s Verdict Set.

Also, Light’s Verdict will have three strong Chase Cards with lower drop rates! Two will be found in Epic Packs, while the third will be found in Legendary Packs. The drop rate for Light’s Verdict cards is determined by the card’s rarity and the type of Mortal Judgement Pack purchased.

The drop rates are shown in the tables below:

Gods Unchained Rarity Drop Rates table
Image source: Gods Unchained

There is only a limited quantity of Light’s Verdict packs to ensure that supply remains limited.

Purchase LimitsRareEpicLegendaryShiny
Pack Limits100,000120,00080,0001,000

Once the packs are sold out, you will be unable to purchase any packs of the same type. But don’t be too discouraged as Light’s Verdict packs can still be earned as rewards!

The packs are selling out quickly! Make sure you have fast hands to take advantage of this sale.

About Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained (GU) is a play-to-earn strategic card game. Players can trade, buy or sell cards on the Immutable X Marketplace. New players will get a starter deck of cards, which allows them to battle and play the game straight away. Ideally, you would want to build your ideal deck of cards suitable to your gameplay style and strategy. By playing and leveling up, you can unlock packs that provide you additional cards. You can fuse these cards to increase their quality which will mint them to the chain. In this gameyou can earn in-game items that may then sell for real-world cash.

Learn more about Gods Unchained here. Find news about the game here.

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