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Immutable X Introduces Immutable Passport


Immutable Passport is the solution game studios have been waiting for to bring web3 gaming to the masses! Being developed by Immutable X, Immutable Passport streamlines user onboarding with its instant, non-custodial wallet onboarding solution. The passwordless sign-on process and automated wallet creation provide frictionless gameplay, while the battle-tested security ensures user’s assets are secure. With access to a passionate audience of gamers, Immutable Passport is the key to unlocking the full potential of web3 games.

The Goal of Immutable Passport

One of the biggest challenges facing web3 gaming is the lack of understanding of web3 wallets among mainstream gamers. Many gamers simply don’t understand how web3 wallets work and maintaining multiple addresses and wallets can be confusing and cumbersome. Existing web3 wallet solutions have not been specifically designed for gamers, but Immutable Passport is changing all of that. The goal of Immutable Passport is to make web3 easy and accessible for everyone, allowing gamers to have a single secure wallet that will unlock new experiences across the next generation of web3 games.

About Passport

Passport is a non-custodial wallet and authentication tool designed specifically for games. The solution streamlines onboarding for gamers, providing a seamless player onboarding process and a secure non-custodial wallet. With Passport, Immutable X is lowering the barrier to entry, improving asset distribution, and ensuring gamers are ready to play, all while helping web3 games globally scale.

Key Features of Immutable Passport

Immutable Passport offers a seamless player onboarding experience and a secure non-custodial wallet for its users. The platform has a marketplace distribution model that makes frictionless purchases possible, and its plug & play scalability allows for easy integration into any gaming environment. One of the key benefits of using Immutable Passport is access to a passionate audience of gamers, providing opportunities for growth and engagement within the gaming community.

These features, along with the platform’s commitment to security and user privacy, make Immutable Passport a compelling solution for both individual gamers and gaming companies alike.

Immutable X is taking another step in onboarding the next billion gamers into web3. The company’s goal is to empower all gamers and everyone to have ownership in the next generation of games, making web3 gaming accessible to everyone.

This is the solution game studios have been waiting for to bring web3 gaming to the masses! With its seamless player onboarding, secure non-custodial wallet, and other key features, Passport is the passport to the future of gaming.

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