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Immutable X Announces Revolutionary Partnership With Polygon


Immutable X, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has announced on a Twitter post a strategic partnership with Polygon, a well-known cryptocurrency, and blockchain scaling platform. The partnership aims to address the increasing demand for true digital asset ownership and web3 gaming by providing scalable and efficient infrastructure.

Introducing Immutable zkEVM, a Game-Changing EVM-Compatible zk-rollup

The focal point of the partnership lies in Immutable zkEVM, a novel EVM-compatible zk-rollup backed by Polygon technology that aims to offer complete support for the Immutable platform. This groundbreaking solution is specifically designed to streamline the development of web3 games, making it a quicker and simpler process.

As a result, game studios, both large and small, can now rely on two cutting-edge scaling solutions – Immutable X, fueled by Starkware, and Immutable zkEVM – to build high-quality games with authentic asset ownership.

How the Partnership With Polygon is Paving the Way for the Future of Web3 Gaming

The partnership with Polygon provides access to their cutting-edge zero-knowledge technology, which, when combined with Immutable’s deep gaming knowledge and product suite, will take web3 mainstream and bring digital ownership to millions of people around the world. Using Immutable zkEVM also reduces the risk of committing to one ecosystem or solution, allowing developers to spend less time on development and more time crafting unforgettable gaming experiences.

The Benefits of Using Immutable zkEVM for Game Developers

Immutable zkEVM is a game-changer for the web3 gaming industry, serving as the first-ever EVM-compatible solution to provide enforceable royalty fees for game developers. This feature not only safeguards and boosts revenue streams but also empowers gaming communities with genuine asset ownership, all within one of the largest web3 gaming ecosystems.

With Immutable’s innovative technology, game developers can seamlessly transfer their games and smart contracts from Ethereum, Polygon, and any other EVM-compatible solution into the Immutable product suite, without any modification required.

Seamless Integration and Reduced Risk

Immutable zkEVM’s APIs and SDKs eliminate the need for developers to work from scratch or rely on individual vendors, especially when paired with Immutable’s existing code libraries, advisory services, and extensive partner network. Using Immutable zkEVM also reduces the risk of committing to one ecosystem or solution, allowing developers to spend less time on development and more time crafting unforgettable gaming experiences. With the power of Immutable’s global orderbook, assets can be distributed on marketplaces worldwide, with built-in enforceable royalties.

What Does This Mean for $IMX?

Immutable zkEVM’s launch is not only a major milestone for web3 gaming but also a game-changer for $IMX utility. As the tight integration between Immutable zkEVM and the Immutable ecosystem intensifies, $IMX is poised to become the primary gas for the new platform, representing the equivalent utility of most current L1 blockchains.

This upgrade is further enhanced by a requirement that 20% of trades on the Immutable platform, regardless of rollup, must be paid in $IMX. This transaction fee utility is expected to grow significantly as Immutable zkEVM expands to all new environments and applications, ultimately creating more lucrative rewards for $IMX holders.

Stay tuned for further exciting updates on this revolutionary partnership!

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