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Legendary Heroes Unchained: a new MMORPG NFT game currently in development! 

The P2E and NFT space is getting more exciting and interesting with so many new upcoming titles. Here’s a possible refreshing title that might be interesting for those who want to jump into the space!

What is this all about?

Legendary Heroes Unchained, a game in development by N3twork Inc, is currently accepting applications in a coordinated registration campaign.

Users who are able to refer five players can get a limited edition in-game NFT.

The game aims to be a free-world MMORPG, whıch focuses on training heroes, raising armies, and conquering lands. The developers have committed to turning it into a fully-functioning play-to-earn game eventually.

What is their online footprint?

So far, the game only has an official website and Twitter account. There is supposed to be a Discord link on the site, though it wasn’t working at the time of writing. Given that they only announced the game back in September 2021, it’s pretty understandable that they are still trying to set up their presence online.

While they don’t have a detailed whitepaper, they have already placed a general roadmap on their website. 

What does the roadmap look like?

The game will begin its testing phase in 2022, with an early release aimed at 2023. The final genre of the game is yet to be determined, though it is assumed that it would focus on hero collection and leveling.

There are three things to take note at this point:

  1. Legendary Heroes Unchained is intended to be an NFT game, however, they do not currently have a partnership with an NFT marketplace (i.e. OpenSea).
  2. While rewards do come in the form of NFTs, it seems that there’s no P2E mechanic yet, though the roadmap may change somewhere down the line.
  3. There is no actual game yet – not untıl 2022. However, given the fact that a similar game exists under their portfolio (Legendary: Game of Heroes: a rather popular game with cards, RPG, and 3-match elements all at the same time), it’s possible that they will go down the route of Animoca’s Crazy Hero Defense – in which play-to-earn features are integrated into a mobile game.

Who’s behind the game?

N3twork Inc, a game development hub, seems to be the company spearheading the development of Legendary Heroes Unchained.

They describe themselves as an “indie game publisher” whose “expertise and portfolio of partners at N3TWORK span across various genres – from idle to arcade, hardcore, mid-core, and casual games, to sports, RPG, puzzle and more.” Considering that they carry multiple games under their banner, it is clear that they have a lot of experience publishing and pushing out titles in the mobile gaming space.

It’s unclear at this point whether the game’s IP belongs to another company or if it is entirely an in-house effort.

Tentative Conclusions

So far, both the roadmap and the game’s official Twitter account only contain the most basic information regarding the game. As far as trust factors are concerned, the developers might do well to start engaging with their potential player base. After all, they have already amassed more than 45,000 registered emails at the time of writing.

Still, considering the pedigree of the developers in the mobile gaming sector, Legendary Heroes Unchained is something that we will keep watch of as we head into 2022! 

What do you think about this prospective game?


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