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Cyborg Legends


In January 2019, Drodo Studio, a China-based game development collective, developed a custom game mode called Dota Auto Chess for the world-renowned esports MOBA title Dota 2. Since then, the “auto-battle chess” genre has exploded and gained a life of its own. And now, millions and millions of players wholeheartedly embraced the concept worldwide.

In this type of auto battler game, players place characters within a limited battlefield and make them fight against a random pool of players in a battle royale-like setting. After multiple rounds, the last man standing wins. For instance, in Atomıc War, a winner is determined between the ends of rounds 20-25. During the fighting, there is no direct control by the player. The positioning of the characters, as well as their levels, items, skills, passive abilities, and other bonuses that may be applicable, determine the winner. The winner survives unscathed another day, while the defeated lose hit points.

Introducing Cyborg Legends

Apparently, the P2E and NFT space hasn’t forgotten this genre as Cyborg Legends aims to be an auto battler RPG (PvE) and arena (PvP) game at the same time. The project describes itself as “…a play-to-earn RPG auto battler bringing you a large collection of unique characters as NFTs on the blockchain.”

According to the Whitepaper, “…Cyborg Legends is a 3v3 Arena AutoBattler game that uses a reserve (substitute system) allowing defeated characters to be replaced by reserve characters. Each team will also have a captain which provides team bonuses, as long as he is alive…”

The game is still in its infancy. Evident by the current state of its so-called “founder sale” (which is basically a soft IDO and funding round combined). Even at this stage, the project has already earned 32,570 Matic ($65,465/P3.27 million) from 47 buyers of the Starter Mystery Box (priced at 20 Matic) and 240 buyers of the Advanced Mystery Box (priced at 125 Matic) as of late December, so there’s definitely some interest in this project.

The Cyborg Legends “Founder Sale”

Cyborg Legends Founding Sale

Sale Ends 30th January 2022. Source:

Here are the features that “Founders” would enjoy from the game:

  • 50% discount on minting rates.
  • Rebates on investment (50%), usable as chips for the game’s tavern feature.
  • Rebates on investment (5%) of the MATIC spent back to wallet. This means that if a player spent 125 MATIC (~$270/P13,437) on the game, 6.25 MATIC (~$13.4/P672) would come back guaranteed.
  • Passive revenue on the game’s casino until the game is released, subject to one’s total number of shares.
  • Buying an Advanced Mystery Box ensures that players would get an NFT of Rare quality.
  • Purchasing an Advanced Mystery Box ensures that players would get a unique NFT.
  • Buying five Starter Mystery Boxes would give the player a chance to win a Legendary NFT. The suggested sale price is 3,500 MATIC (~$7,525/P376,250).
  • Buying an Advanced Mystery Box would give the player a chance to win an Ascended NFT. The suggested sale price of this is 12,500 MATIC (~$26,900/P1.345 million); subsequent purchases increase the chances of winning.
  • Buying three Advanced Mystery Boxes would give the player a chance to get a full team.
  • Purchasing any box would give the player a chance to win one of 250 Avatar NFTs.
  • Buying an Advanced Mystery Box would give the player a Rune NFT worth approximately 25 MATIC (~$54/P2,700). Only 10,000 runes will be minted.

It’s clear that early adopters are given the best value. In addition, scarcity is strictly imposed. This means that the players who dived in first will reap the benefits. Especially if the game explodes into popularity later on.

When Will The Game Launch?

Cyborg Legends

Source: Cyborg Legends Whitepaper.

They plan to launch the game somewhere between April to June later this year. Full functionality is scheduled before the end of 2022. Stand-out game features include a mechanism for character scarcity, a gambling tavern/gacha system, NFT lands, NFT planets, equipment as NFTs, guild systems, expeditions, tournaments, and global battles. From an initial reading of the whitepaper, the developers have envisioned this game to revolve around NFTs, with game design and P2E features aimed to support the NFT-based gameplay of Cyborg Legends.

To further emphasize the above point, the developers of this project list OpenSea, LootEX, and NFTrade as their partners. As a matter of fact, already minted NFTs are currently on their respective marketplaces. We should note that, as with all projects on the P2E and NFT space, this may change over time as the project progresses. In addition, they have already set up multiple official social media channels such as Twitter, Medium, Instagram, and Discord, among other platforms. A cursory check popped up two public LinkedIn profiles belonging to people from Romania with varying lengths of experience working with blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Given that the auto battler genre has a worldwide audience composed of millions of players, this project is something that we will keep an eye on moving towards the foreseeable future.

Are you ready to play an auto battler in the P2E space? Are you excited to spend hours discovering novel strats and overpowered compositions in the metaverse?


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