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Axie Infinity Origin Season 2: Bird Cards

Axie Infinity Origin S2 Bird Cards

Axie Infinity Origin needed a good transition from its first ever season to the second season. This transition needed to get accompanied with balancing changes to cards, mechanics, runes, and charms to get closer to achieving a balanced and exciting gameplay.

Back in December 2022, Axie Infinity released a substack article that features the leaked changes for the Axie Bird cards. These changes, however, were not permanent and some cards received further changes as we approached the official start of season 2.

In this article, we will introduce you to the changes made to the Axie Bird cards and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to build your own Bird dream team!

Eyes Cards

Bird Eyes Cards S2
  • Lucas
    • If Initial, select 1 Bird card from your Discard Pile; otherwise, select from your Draw Pile. Put the selected card on top of your Draw Pile. Banish.
  • Mavis
    • Summon 1 Mavis.
  • Robin
    • Summon 1 Little Robin.
  • Little Owl
    • Deal 2 hits. Whenever played, this Axie’s Little Owl cards gain 1 bonus hit for the rest of the battle. (Cap at 5 bonus hits).

From being a single attack card in Season 1, Little Owl will now be a multi-hit card coming into Season 2. Little cards will also ramp up their damage by increased number hits instead of the flat damage increase in Season 1.

Ears Cards

Bird Ears Cards S2
  • Pink Cheek
    • Draw 2 cards, then discard 2 from your hand. Unstable.
  • Little Owl
    • Deal 2 hits. Whenever played, this Axie’s Little Owl cards gain 1 bonus hit for the rest of the battle. (Cap at 5 bonus hits).
  • Peace Maker
    • If the target has Weak, deal 20 bonus DMG. Otherwise, apply Weak for 4 turns.
  • Curly
    • If the target has Fragile, deal 20 bonus DMG. Otherwise, apply Fragile for 4 turns.

Compared to Season 1, Pink Cheek is now an Unstable card and the effect and damage of Curly has been changed. Curly now applies Fragile to the target for 4 turns if they do not have a Fragile debuff yet but if they do, Curly will deal 20 more DMG to them.

After the initial leak of Season 2 card changes, Early Bird’s Limit mechanic has been increased from 1 to 3.

Risky Bird was also changed from applying Bleed to self for 4 turns to just 3 turns only.

Mouth Cards

Bird Mouth Cards S2
  • Peace Maker
    • If the target has Weak, deal 20 bonus DMG. Otherwise, apply Weak for 4 turns.
  • Hungry Bird
    • If Initial, Steal 20 HP and apply Heal Block to self for 2 turns.
  • Little Owl
    • Deal 2 hits. Whenever played, this Axie’s Little Owl cards gain 1 bonus hit for the rest of the battle. (Cap at 5 bonus hits).
  • Doubletalk
    • Randomly deal 2 hits. Shuffle 1 Jinx into your opponent’s Discard Pile per unique enemy hit.

Doubletalk had its damage reduced from 30 to 25. This is a minor adjustment after the initial set of leaks back in December 2022.

Back Cards

Bird Back Cards S2
  • Balloon
    • If the target has any Shield, apply Hex for 4 turns; otherwise, apply Fear for 4 turns.
  • Cupid
    • Randomly deal 2 hits. Apply Weak for 2 turns.
  • Raven
    • Target the closest or furthest enemy. Shuffle 1 Jinx into your opponent’s Discard Pile.
  • Pigeon Post
    • Add 1 Blackmail to your opponent’s Hand.
  • Kingfisher
    • Target any ally. Limit: 1. Next time the target gets attacked, deal 85 DMG to the attacker.
  • Tri Feather
    • Randomly deal 3 hits. All allied Axies gain 1 Feather per unique enemy hit.

We would like to note that the Raven card had a minor tweak of reducing its damage from 60 to 55.

Horn Cards

Bird Horn Cards S2
  • Cuckoo
    • Target any ally. Apply Cuckoo.
  • Trump
    • Randomly deal 3 hits.
  • Winghorn
    • Randomly deal 3 hits. Whenever Winghorn kills a target or hits a target with < 60% HP, add 2 Feather Dagger to your Hand.
  • Feather Spear
    • Deal 2 hits. This Axie gains 2 Feather. Gain 1 bonus Feather for each other Spear card in your Deck.

The Eggshell card received a massive overhaul after its initial changes. From being a Shielding skill card, Eggshell was changed back to being an Attack card that deals 2 hits and applies Eggshell to self for 4 turns. This final change was implemented due to mass complaints and negative feedback from the community about the Eggshell shielding effect.

Kestrel was also changed from having 50 DMG to 30 DMG and its description was changed to “Deal 1 hit. Each hit Dispel 1 time. For every 3 other cards in your hand, deal 1 bonus hit.”

Tail Cards

Bird Tail Cards S2
  • Swallow
    • If Initial, lose 20 HP and destroy up to 120 Shield of the target before dealing DMG.
  • Feather Fan
    • Consume up to 3 Feather. Deal 4 hits. Deal 1 bonus hit per Feather consumed.
  • The Last One
    • If this is the only Attack card in your Hand, deal 25 bonus DMG.
  • Cloud
    • Target any ally. Grant 2 Feather.
  • Granma’s Fan
    • Attack all enemies. All allied Axies gain 2 Feather.
  • Post Fight
    • This Axie Loses 20 HP.

Bird Mechanic Updates

  • Little Owl Cap
    • Little Owl cards had their cap increased from 4 hits to 5 hits.
  • Mavis
    • Bird | 24 HP
    • When your turn starts, gain 1 Energy fragment. When your turn ends, your opponent loses 1 Energy Fragment and Mavis loses 8 HP.
  • Little Robin
    • Bird | 24 HP
    • Upon dying, deal 4 DMG to all enemies. After the turn summoned, whenever an ally deals a direct hit, increase the DMG by 4. (Cap at 100 DMG). When your turn ends, Robin loses 8 HP.
  • Cuckoo
    • Either, the next time Sleep is applied to this Axie, prevent it; or this Axie’s next Single Attack deals 65 bonus DMG.
  • Feather
    • Deal 1 bonus DMG per hit. Whenever this Axie hits a target, increase this bonus by 1 DMG. When this Axie has no Feathers, bonus DMG is reset. When your turn ends, if this Axie used an Attack card, it loses 1 Feather. Max Stack: 10.

Final Thoughts

The Season 1 of Axie Infinity Origin was a massive success in terms of putting a step forward to make a change within the game’s ecosystem but it is also worthy to admit that the season had a lot to work on and massive changes were needed to perfect the game.

Season 2 aims to do just that. Alongside the season transition comes multiple changes to cards, mechanics, runes, and charms.

Axie Infinity Bird cards are not the only cards that received many changes with the season update so make sure to get updated through the P2E News socials. Let us know if you like these changes and make sure to tune in for more content like this!

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