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AxieTh World Battle Bangkok 2023: An Exciting Showdown for the Origins Tournament


AxieTh World Battle Bangkok 2023, one of the biggest Axie tournaments of the year, has come to an end. The tournament offered a massive prize pool of 15,000 AXS tokens. Let’s look at the intense battles, the skilled players, and the ultimate champion who emerged victorious.

What is AxieTh World Battle?

The AxieTh World Battle is one of the biggest Axie tournaments in 2023. This exciting event was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Spanning 2 days, it welcomed avid gamers and fans from all over the world.

There was a diverse range of activities, making sure that everyone has something to enjoy. Attendees had the opportunity to meet and greet the famous Axie Sisters, experience the game trial on the Ronin Chain, and participate in the Axie Origins Mini Tournament. A visit to the carnival booth was a delightful addition. Also, attendees had a chance to immortalize their memories by posing with cool props in a post-event photo session. Completing quests and redeeming them for exclusive merchandise added an extra layer of excitement.

Here are some of the moments shared by the Axie community on Twitter:

The Clash of Origins Titans

16 elite Origins players, divided into 4 groups, battled it out for glory and the grand prize. Let’s dive into the line-up and groupings of these skilled warriors:

Group A:

  • MVP | Sequinox |
  • Ralo | Sura
  • NubWho? | Ancient8
  • Elm0momo | YGG

Group B:

  • LYNX | Chosen Ones
  • Tersaik | YGG
  • MVP | imcute
  • Biggabbie | YGG
  • Spamandrice

Group C:

  • Wargos | Sura
  • Zaratusta | Sura
  • Chan | Chosen Ones
  • Enrico | YGG
  • MeatValue | SURA

Group D:

  • Zeliaser | YGG
  • Kousei | YGG
  • MVP | MBHD | HGC |
  • METAT8 | Whum
  • Adrd | Chosen Ones

As the tournament progressed, the competition grew fiercer, culminating in an electrifying final showdown. Day 1 showcased the talent and strategic gameplay of all participants, but it was Day 2 that added an extra dose of spice to the battleground.

The Grand Finals

In the first round of the top 8, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation as the following players took center stage:

AxieTh World Battle Top 8
  • Kousei | YGG
  • Zeliaser | YGG
  • NubWho? | Ancient8
  • Chan | Chosen Ones
  • MVP | imcute
  • Biggabbie | YGG
  • Enrico | YGG

The semifinals narrowed down the contenders to the final four:

  • Biggabbie | YGG
  • MVP | imcute
  • NubWho? | Ancient8

Finally, it was time for the ultimate clash of the tournament:

  • MVP | imcute
Top 2
MVP | imcute (left) and METAT8 | YUUUUU (right) competing in the Finals | Images sourced from Thanas

The Rising Star Takes the Crown

Awarding of the champion

After an exhilarating battle, a true champion emerged from the intensity of the AxieTh World Battle. MVP | imcute, displaying extraordinary skill and unwavering determination, claimed victory in the grand finals. As a well-deserved reward, MVP | imcute secured a staggering prize of 3,000 AXS tokens, equivalent to approximately 956,580 PHP or $17,160!

“Honestly coming into this LAN, I was not confident whether I [would] even make it out of the group stage as I was slightly unmotivated to prepare for my box,” says MVP | imcute in his Twitter post. “But, things worked out in the end, and [I] managed to secure first place in #AxieTH.”

Final Thoughts

As MVP | imcute stood victorious, it served as a testament to the endless practice, dedication, and love for the game that these players pour into their gaming skills. The journey to becoming the champion of the Axie TH World Battle was not an easy one, but it was surely a thrilling and rewarding experience for all involved.

This event further solidified the position of Axie Infinity as a leading blockchain-based gaming platform, attracting a passionate community of players and enthusiasts from around the world. Axie Infinity continues to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry with its unique blend of gameplay, collectible NFTs, and lively community.

In case you missed the live stream of the AxieTh World Battle, you may watch it on AxieTh youtube channel.

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