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Undead Blocks Comprehensive Guide: What You Need to Know in 2023


The year 2023 brings a series of exciting games in the Web3 space, including the thrilling zombie shooter, Undead Blocks. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the game, providing insight into its gameplay mechanics, unique features, and tips on how to play it.

What is Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks (UB) is the world’s first AAA zombie shooter game that allows players to earn rewards by killing zombies. The game is currently in beta, which means there are yet more features to be developed. Undead Blocks is designed to provide players and investors with a sustainable and trustworthy experience, by prioritizing both gameplay and earning potential, or what we call “play and earn”.

How to play Undead Blocks?

To play Undead Blocks, simply download the game from and create an account. It’s a free-to-play game, so you can start playing anytime!

Undead Blocks account creation on Wagyu

As soon as you download, install, and run it you’ll have to log in once again with your Wagyu credentials on the desktop application. After that, you’ll arrive at the main menu.

Undead Blocks Main Menu

Here, click on “Play” and you’ll have to choose one of the different game modes. Once you select the game mode you want to play in, it’s time to start killing zombies.

Game Modes

Undead Blocks provides players with 6 various game modes to select from, each with its own distinct difficulty and rewards.

  1. Solo. The aim of the Solo game option is to survive as many waves of zombies as possible on your own. The waves will get progressively harder to beat, making it truly a test of skill and endurance. Zombies will drop ZBOXes with Green or Standard ZBUX.
  2. Duo. This is the ideal game mode if you want to play with your friends. Team up with a friend and work together to battle the zombies.
  3. Pistol SpeedRun. The SpeedRun game mode will surely get your heart racing if you want a good challenge. You must finish a certain number of waves as fast as possible, putting your speed and precision to the test.
  4. MP5 Massacre. If you’re up for some mindless zombie killing, the Massacre game mode is for you. You’ll have a fixed amount of time to kill as many zombies as possible while earning points and rewards.
  5. VIP Solo. This is the mode to play if you’re looking to maximize your earnings. It’s the same as Solo but players can earn Gold ZBUX and they only have access to the weapons on their NFT Weapon Packs, which are a requirement to play this mode.
  6. AKM Assault. This game mode will give you only 10 minutes to kill as many zombies as you can. In the previous AKM tournament, the first-place winner received a prize of $1000!
  7. Tournament. Each tournament has its own rules, game mode, requirements, and rewards. If there’s no ongoing tournament or you’re not eligible to participate in the current tournament this mode won’t work.

In Solo and VIP Solo mode, zombies drop ZBOXes. However, in Solo mode, the ZBOXes only contain Green or Standard ZBUX. On the other hand, in VIP Solo mode, they can contain Green or Gold ZBux.

Players begin with a weapon and a combat knife and may gain XP (Experience) by killing zombies to acquire new weapons and equipment.

Undead Blocks Gameplay

Undead Blocks Economic Model

Players have a unique and engaging way to earn in-game currency. Each zombie might drop a ZBOX when shot down in Solo and VIP game modes and these boxes will contain a random amount of ZBUX.

Undead Blocks Daily Earnings Announcement

There are two types of players in Undead Blocks: those who own NFTs and those who play for free.

If you own an NFT Weapon Pack, you can access the VIP mode, where you can earn Gold ZBUX, and also Standard or Green ZBUX. So, if you’re playing in the VIP game mode and a zombie drops a ZBOX, it might contain Gold or Green ZBux. Gold ZBUX is pegged to $0.10 USD and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. In other words, it’s the “cash-out” token. You can either buy an NFT or rent one to access VIP mode, which has just launched recently. For more information on the rental portal, click here.

If you’re playing for free, you can access the Solo game mode, where zombies drop ZBOXes containing only Green or Standard ZBUX.

Gold ZBUX and Green ZBUX can also be used to purchase Loot Coffins. Loot Coffins contain skins that can be sold on the Immutable X marketplace. This means that even without any investment, players can still profit from playing Undead Blocks. Another upcoming utility for both Gold and Green ZBUX is to add weapons to NFT Weapon Packs. With this feature, players can begin with an Amateur Pack, which is the lowest tier in the NFT Genesis Collection, and upgrade it to the highest tier.

Undead Blocks Loot Coffins

The feature of upgrading Weapon Loadout NFT using Standard ZBUX is not yet live. You can save your standard ZBUX for that purpose. For now, you can use Standard ZBUX for buying Loot Coffins.

Another way to earn is through tournaments. Some of these tournaments need the use of a Genesis NFT weapon pack, some are free and some will require just a skin. If you wish to learn more about future tournaments, click here. You can also read more about how to earn in Undead Blocks here.

$UNDEAD: Governance Token

$UNDEAD is the governance on-chain token traded on DEXs and CEXs, particularly and Uniswap. Wagyu Games implemented a raw voting system with weight based on $UNDEAD holdings. Holders of $UNDEAD can vote on matters such as incorporating new Weapon skins into the ecosystem and new map and game modes.


Before, the $UNDEAD token had a “Stake to Mint Program”. But since that program is finished, the token is now used only for governance.

Undead Blocks NFTs

The game contains two NFT collections: Genesis Weapons and Apocalypse Weapons. The Genesis Weapons have four packs and the Apocalypse Weapons have three packs.

The Genesis pack:

  1. Amateurs – Pistol and Knife
  2. Survivors – MP5, Pistol and Knife
  3. Assassins – AKM, Sawed-off shotgun, pistol, knife, 1 perk
  4. Zombie killers – F1, Sawed-off, pistol, knife, grenade, and 4 perks

The Apocalypse pack:

  1. Rookie – Pump shotgun, pistol, and knife
  2. Commander – M1A, Pistol, bat, and knife
  3. Veteran – Akm, RPG, pistol, axe, knife, and 1 perk

Where to Buy These NFTs?

You can buy the Genesis and Apocalypse weapons either on OpenSea or IMX marketplace.

Undead Blocks skin vault and exclusive skins vault can be purchased on the IMX marketplace:

In the future players will be able to add Weapons to their NFT Weapon Loadout. This means that any player can start with the cheapest pack and upgrade to the highest tier by spending Green and Gold ZBux. However, Weapon and Character Skins are distinct NFTs that can only be acquired by opening a Loot Coffin.

Did you know? Undead Blocks will partner with crypto companies, artists, and charities to give gamers around the world the avenue to create skins that truly identify with who they are as people!

But How Much Can You Earn?

How much each player can earn will depend on many factors. If a player doesn’t own an NFT Weapon Pack its earning potential is quite low. In this case, it will depend mainly on which skins that player gets by opening Loot Coffins, which is random.

If a player owns an NFT Weapon Pack his earning potential will depend on:

  • Time Spent Playing
  • Tier of the NFT Weapon Pack
  • Skill
  • Luck

Obviously, a player who owns an NFT Weapon Pack with an F1, which is one of the best weapons in the game, will be able to kill zombies faster in VIP than a player with an Amateur Pack, which only contains a pistol and a knife. This will increase the earning potential of that player. But there’s also an RNG factor. A player might drop a ZBOX with 1,000 Gold ZBUX on wave 2 and another player might go up until wave 20th and not earn any Gold ZBUX.

Tips & Tricks

Do you need help mastering Undead Blocks? These five tips and tricks, provided by a Web3 gaming enthusiast known as The Crypto Herd, will help you play Undead Blocks like a pro!

  1. Master the choke points. Knowing where the choke point is can help you to effectively defeat the main zombie horde. Lure them into the choke point to easily take them down.
  1. Aim for the head. Shooting zombies in the head not only allows you to farm more XP, but it also kills them faster. For every zombie killed with a headshot, you will receive 150XP instead of 100XP. This will help you to buy better equipment and be more effective in killing zombies.
  2. Reload before emptying your magazine. Just like in real life, it takes time to reload your weapon. However, if you reload before you run out of ammunition, the reload animation will be much faster.
  3. Learn to slide. Use the slide action to get out of tricky situations, such as when a zombie is about to attack you. This is usually linked with the C hotkey.
  4. Avoid getting surrounded. Zombies can spawn from multiple points on the map, so it’s crucial to keep moving. If you get surrounded, you will die quickly. Prioritize killing zombies in the direction you are heading and then turn around to face the main horde while moving backward.
Undead Blocks

What sets Undead Blocks apart from other Web3 Games?

Undead Blocks, as a game, it’s the best Zombie Shooter in Web3. But what really sets it apart from other Web3 Games is its innovative economic model. Unlike other games like Axie Infinity, in Undead Blocks there’s a limited amount of NFTs and there’s no breeding. 6,500 is the total amount of NFTs that will ever exist, accordingly to the team. Then there’s no on-chain utility token. Gold ZBux is pegged at 0.10 USD and that will never change. Having a capped NFT collection and an off-chain pegged token allows the team to know and control exactly how much liquidity might exit the ecosystem at any time.

But now you wonder. How is the team going to pay NFT Holders?

According to Grant Haseley, the executive director of Undead Blocks, there will be a Gold ZBUX daily pool for NFT Holders. That pool will be sustained with money that will come from sponsored skins and in-game sponsored ads. Tournament rewards also come from sponsorships.

It is still too early to say if this model will work out in the long term. But if it does, Undead Blocks might create a whole new generation of Web3 Games with its innovative tokenomics.

Gold ZBUX utility

Final Thoughts

Undead Blocks gives players an exciting, challenging, and unique gaming experience that allows them to enjoy the gameplay and at the same time earn rewards. With various game modes, NFTs, and ZBUX, Undead Blocks provides a sustainable and valuable proposition for its players.

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