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3 Ways to Win PVP with a Plant Axie



This article was published on August 9, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

Plant Axies are known to be great tanks. But can they become champions in PVP as well? In this article, we will go through some strategies to win in PVP with a Plant Axie. Your tank can give you victory, especially if the battle reaches Round 10 (Bloodmoon Curse). The Bloodmoon Curse deducts Axies’ HP every turn. Thus, your Plant has a significant advantage when battling an Axie with a low HP and shield. 

1. October Treat, Vegetal Bite, Prickly Trap, Carrot Hammer

Plant Axie 1
Photo credit: Jasmine Suba

This skill set is one of the most common combinations. So how can you win in PVP with these?

1. Steal and gain energy. During Round 1, if your opponent has an Aqua in its team, you better prepare to steal (Vegetable Bite) their energy and combo it with Carrot Hammer. Why’s this? Well, there is a greater chance that your opponent will use their gain energy cards on the first round as well. An opponent with a BBP (Bird, Bird, Plant) team will usually skip (End Turn) on the first round because they want to save their energy and prepare to hit the fastest enemy using their bird’s dark swoop and combo it with other critical attack cards. 

2. If you can’t kill the target Axie in the first round, save your energy. Attacking the enemy in the first round using all your three energy is not recommended unless you’re 100% confident in destroying the targetted Axie. It is because trainers usually front their Plant Axie with healing abilities plus a high shield. You will consider your turn a waste if that happens. 

3. Save your Prickly Trap. Do not use your Prickly trap if you cannot guarantee a critical strike against the target Axie. Instead, let your middle Axie (e.g. Beast or Aqua Axie) cause damage to the opponent’s tank. If the target Axie’s HP drops to at least 50%, then you can use your Prickly Trap and combo it with other damage cards to ensure victory. 

2. Gas Unleash, Ketaro Bite, Prickly Heat, October Treat

Plant Skill
Photo credit: Harold Mangaran

1. Attack and Poison the target Axie. Use the Gas Unleash (Poison) on the target Axie and follow it with Prickly Trap. Combo your Gas Unleash and Prickly Trap with October Treat if your opponent has heavy combo cards for their Beast, Bird, Aqua, or Reptile. If your opponent has weak attack cards, replace October Treat with a Ketaro Bite.

2. Use October Treat to protect your Plant’s life if needed. Since you have no heal card, it’s easier for the opponent to kill your Plant. By having a solid defense, you can better preserve your Axie’s lifespan.

3. Use October Treat and Prickly Trap during Bloodmoon Curse. These cards provide you with both a shield and attack. October treat is your advantage. Usually, some plants have a weaker attack, and if there are no more heal or shield cards to draw, the Plant Axie will lose to the opponent’s attack.

3. Slippery Shield, Vegetal Bite, Sinister Strike, All-out Shot

Plant Combo

1. Draw your Slippery Shield in the first round. The Slippery Shield will protect your Axies in case the opponent attacks. Furthermore, you can combo it with Vegetal Bite to steal your opponent’s energy.

2. Draw your Sinister Strike and All-out Shot in the following rounds. These cards can bring your opponent Axie to critical depending on your strategy. Not all Plants carry high attack cards plus a high shield, so using them strategically will guarantee you victory.

3. Draw your Slippery Shield and attack cards in Bloodmoon Curse. If your Plant is still in high HP, draw only one Slippery Shield to save energy and prepare for combo attacks the next round. Your Slippery Shield will undoubtedly get your opponent riled up! Combo attack cards will then guarantee your critical hit to the target Axie.

Winning depends on strategy! Learn how to play your cards effectively and become undefeatable in PVP. Use this article as a guide. If you have similar cards to these three Axies shown above, then you can still use them as a guide. Happy grinding!

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