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How to Get a Scholarship for Axie FAST!



This article was published on July 14, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

Getting an Axie scholarship is very challenging, especially if you don’t have a relative or friend that owns an account that can help you get a scholarship through referral. This leads to finding a scholarship on social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter!

However, you must take note of these Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a scholarship:


  1. Interact properly with the managers’ posts. Do not spam “up” or “still waiting”, they see those 1,000 times a day, what makes you any different?
  2. Offer your help to them for free. Be willing to show them you are a hard worker, by working hard! This is the easiest route to success.
  3. Focus on helping the community around them by answering questions you know in the comments. Assist in building up other potential scholars and teaching them how to get a scholarship also. Bringing others down will guarantee that you WON’T get a scholarship.
  4. Be patient. Managers are not made of money, they do not have unlimited scholarships to give away. Be patient, work with them and wait for your day, it will come.


  1. Do not spam your biography or resume, the managers did not ask for these, they do not need them. They choose those they feel are deserving and are not spamming every page they can find.
  2. Do not hate, bring down others or post negative information in the comments. This will guarantee that you will never receive a scholarship.
  3. Do not lie about your reasoning for wanting a scholarship. If you say it is for your sick parents and you actually just want to play Axie, you are disadvantaging someone that may have sick parents and needs the extra funding to keep them alive. Do not receive bad Karma by being greedy.

Using these tips properly will assist you in standing out from the spammers and those that do not care. Be different, stand out and provide value to the managers. This is guaranteed to improve your chances.

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