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Aqua vs Bird Axie: Which One Should You Choose?



This article was published on August 10, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

Choosing between an Aqua and Bird Axie can be challenging. In this article, we’ll have a look and compare the two types. Which one would you pick? Let’s find out! 

Aqua Axie

Aquatics have an advantage against Beast, Bug, and Mech Axies. However, on the other hand, they are weak against Reptiles, Plants, and Dusks. 

When looking at an Aqua Axie, you need to study the following four body parts: the tail, horn, back, and mouth. 

You’ll notice that one common characteristic of some Aqua cards is their ability to apply an attack and speed bonus on themselves. Using these abilities may place you at the front when it comes to who attacks first. In addition to this, your Aqua could deal amplified damage to the target Axie. With this combo, you could potentially defeat your opponent before they even have their turn.

Aqua Tail Types & Abilities

Aqua Axie Tail

When it comes to Aqua tails, there are a few different types! You can have Koi, Nimo, Tadpole, Ranchu, Navaga, and Shrimp tails. Each variant will give you different card abilities, some with high defense and attack. It would be best not to underestimate Nimo, as it costs 0 energy to use, gains you energy, all while still doing 30 damage. Clearly, this is an excellent card to draw in any round.

The Shrimp card has the same ability as a Bird’s Dark Swoop. If you have this card in your Axie, plus the other high attack cards, then your Aqua can dominate the PVP if played strategically. 

Aqua Mouth Types & Abilities

Aqua Axie Mouth Types

An Aqua may have a Lam, Catfish, Risky Fish, or Piranha mouth. All of these contain high attack and defense, with Catfish having the smallest attack points. But, do not underestimate the power of this Catfish because it can heal your Aqua by the damage it inflicts to the target Axie. It is rare for an Aqua to have a healing card, so don’t think twice if your Axie has this Catfish plus some high attack cards! Choose that Aqua.

Aqua Horn Types & Abilities

Aqua Horn Types

Horns may have Babylonia, Teal Shell, Clamshell, Anemone, Oranda, and Shoal Star. Oranda and Shoal Star both have the ability to end an Axie’s Last Stand. 

Aqua Back Types & Abilities

Aqua Back Types

The Hermit trait and card gives you tank-like power. This Axie is surely difficult to defeat!

The card abilities of an Aqua Axie will vary depending on its characteristics. To help you compare, let’s look into the attributes of Bird Axies and what makes them so popular. 

Bird Axie

Birds have an advantage against Beast, Bug, Mech Axies. And on the flip side, they tend to have a disadvantage against Reptiles, Plants, and Dusks. The high speed and morale of a Bird Axie make it a strong attacker. An Attacker-Axie has at least two high damage cards with 100+ damage. You can set them up with four high damage cards, or for the strategic player, three high damage cards paired with another ability like Dark Swoop – which allows them to attack the fastest enemy.

Let’s have a look at the parts that characterize your Bird Axie: the tail, horn, mouth, and back. 

Bird Tail Types & Abilities

Bird Tail Types

A Bird’s may have the following type of tail: Swallow, Feather Fan, The Last One, Cloud, Grandma’s Fan, and Post Fight. Risky Feather and All-Out Shot are incredibly high attack abilities. If your Bird has these high attack cards plus a Dark Swoop, then you have everyone’s dream bird! 

Bird Mouth Types & Abilities

Bird Mouth Types

When it comes to the Bird’s mouth, you may get one of the following: Double Talk, Peace Maker, Hungry Bird, and Little Owl. Double Talk applies sleep to target Axie, which removes the opponent’s shield for the subsequent oncoming attacks. Little Owl or Dark Swoop allows you to target the fastest enemy. If you have these cards on your Bird Axie combined with high attack cards, then consider your Bird a strong ally!

Bird Horn Types & Abilities

Bird Horn Types

Bird horns include Eggshell, Cuckoo, Trump, Kestrel, Wing Horn, and Feather Spear. Eggshell and Trump have the highest attack. Trump is arguably the strongest card here because it has a shield and one of the highest damage abilities. Feather Spear is also one to look out for; two combined will give you 100 shield points. If you have this card, then your Bird must be a real strong attacker!

Bird Back Types & Abilities

Axie Bird Back Types

Bird’s back may have Balloon, Cupid, Raven, Pigeon Post, King Fisher, and Tri Feather. All of these cards are uniquely strong since most of them can apply debuffs on target Axie. A Balloon card will apply fear to the target for one turn. Why is this good? Well, feared Axies are unable to attack. 

Cupid applies negative morale to the enemy for two rounds. As a result, the targeted Axie will have a decreased chance of hitting a critical strike and a smaller number of Last Stand turns. King Fisher is a powerful card. To easily defeat a high HP Aquatic class enemy, combine two King Fisher attacks alongside two additional 100+ attack cards. If the Aqua opponent has a shield, you should still get them down to critical health in PVP! 

Choosing between an Aqua and Bird Axie can be tricky! Both can be impressive attackers. It all comes down to that particular Axie’s abilities and cards, so knowing the best set of cards will help you decide which to choose. 

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