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Axie Infinity Crosses Axie #2,000,000!



This article was published on July 15, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

Less than a month after crossing the #1,000,000 milestone, Axie Infinity crossed the big #2,000,000 total Axies. This is likely due to the increased number of Axie breeders jumping into the game. They are unwavered by market conditions and are steaming ahead with their breeding!

2 Million Axies
Credit: @Ax__SCB on Twitter

Despite the massive increase of AXS value to PHP 1,023.04 ($20.41 USD) compared to 30 days ago where it was PHP 143.66 ($3.00 USD), breeders are still unstoppable! According to Dappradar the Axie Marketplace sold 842,955 Axies and had a sales volume of $310,307,205.98 in the past 30 days. These numbers show that the market is extremely hot and liquid.

On May 20th 2021, the Axie Infinity team adjusted the breeding cost to 2AXS per breed cycle, based on data gathered since the release of Ronin. However, as of July 14th, 2021, a breeding cycle now costs 4 AXS and some Smooth Love Potions depending on how many times the Axies have been bred.

Axie Breeding Cost
Source: Axie Infinity

While Axie players and scholars are celebrating because the SLP value rocketed to PHP 20 (USD 0.40c) on July 13th, 2021, breeders and managers feel the opposite about the news as increased value of SLP and AXS results in an upsurge of breeding cost. Because of this, new Axie buyers will have to spend at least PHP 20,000 ($400 USD) per Axie or PHP 60,000 ($1,1097 USD) per team, depending on the Axies breeding cost. Remember, crypto market is very volatile, so these values are not forever, these prices could be much higher depending on the date you are reading this article.

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