Axie Infinity Team Announce E-Sports Dedicated Servers!

By: P2E News | July 20, 2021
Axie Infinity Team Announce E-Sports Dedicated Servers!

On June 16, 2021 the Axie team announced that they are committing 5,000 AXS ($145,450 or PHP7,294,317.50) from the play-to-earn allocation pool in prize money for community tournaments taking place this year. Event proposals will be accepted from July 15th – 29th from community tournament organizers and a schedule will be published for the rest of the year after approving selected events.

The team is looking forward to scheduling about 10 events during this four-month period, intending to spread the AXS across multiple regions and skill-levels.

If you want to participate in the events, you must be quick! The E-Sports server will require the event organizer to submit a finalized list of all participants and their Axie account email addresses no less than 24 hours before the event starts. Failure to submit a full list of participants could result in some players not having access to the server.

Will this event affect the game server of Axie Infinity?

No. While the developers continue to work hard on scaling the primary game servers, the team will also be deploying dedicated servers specifically for esports events over the next few months. This will ensure more stability for our tournament organizers, during these turbulent times of hyper-growth.

Axie Infinity ensures that while we are waiting for the full stability of the game server, we can also enjoy tournaments!

Got some bright ideas? Submit your proposals here:

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