How to Use Eggbomb the RIGHT Way! | Axie Infinity

By: P2E News | September 7, 2021
How to Use Eggbomb the RIGHT Way! | Axie Infinity

An Eggbomb may give you victory or bring your Bird Axie into trouble, depending on how you use it. In this article, we will teach you strategies and tips for using Eggbomb in Axie Infinity.

Combo your Eggbomb with a Blackmail card

An Eggmomb card will apply Aroma on your Bird Axie. Keep in mind that an Axie with Aroma will attract all incoming attacks for the next round. Now, if you have a Blackmail Card on your Bird Axie, you may use it to transfer the Aroma to your target Axie. Now, your Bird is safe from attacks! 

Here is a sample combo for you:

Axie Eggbomb Combo

1. Use Eggbomb only if you are okay to sacrifice the Bird

This applies best if you do not have a Blackmail card. Only sacrifice your Bird if you have energy and strong damage cards prepared for your middle Axie. The middle Axie is can be a Beast or an Aqua, ready to take over the battle for your perished Bird!

2. Make it a habit to count your opponent’s energy

This will help you predict whether or not the opponent can kill your Bird that round. If you know that your opponent has more than four energy, and you’re not ready to sacrifice your Bird, then you better not use the Eggbomb. You will regret it in the end. The enemy Axie may have prepared damage cards against you to kill your Bird Axie with Aroma.

3. Use Eggbomb to save your damaged Plant/Tank

This is best if your Bird is the fastest Axie in the battle or your Bird is the first Axie to attack. If the opponent has damaged your Plant and you want to extend its life, then make sure to count your enemy’s total energy before committing to this move. Once you’re confident that your Bird won’t perish by taking on the attacks that round, draw your Eggbomb card and (hopefully) a heal card for your tank as well. 


Remember these four easy strategies to help make the most of your Bird Axie! And for more combo tips, tutorials, play-to-earn latest news, and leaks make sure to always check in at and follow us on social media

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