What is Last Stand in Axie Infinity?

By: P2E News | August 10, 2021
What is Last Stand in Axie Infinity?

So, how do you enter “Last Stand” in Axie Infinity – and what does that even mean? 

Well, let’s set the scene! You’re battling an opponent in Axie Infinity. They’ve gotten the upper hand, and suddenly you’ve been struck by not just one but two critical strikes in a row. Your Axie is undoubtedly going to be defeated – but wait. What’s that flame around your Axie, and how is it still alive? 

You’ve just entered your Axie’s “Last Stand”. Which is kind of like a temporary lifeline extension.

So when an Axie receives an attack that reduces its HP to 0, there is a chance that it may enter Last Stand. Last Stand in Axie Infinity allows your Axie to remain active for a while longer despite having no health. During this period, your “flaming” Axie can perform additional card moves or take on some hits/actions from the enemy before perishing. 

An Axie in Last Stand may have 1-5 red bars shown on it, indicating how many Last Stand turns it has. With every turn and action in-game performed, the bar reduces. So, if you have 3 bars during Last Stand, you may still perform three cards against your enemy (if you’re first to action). After the third move, your Axie will die.

You should know that Pure breed Axies have a higher chance to enter Last Stand. Why? Well, the higher Morale an Axie has, the higher the odds are of entering Last Stand upon reaching 0 HP. Purer Axies tend to have higher Morale compared to others. Fun fact – this is just one of the reasons why Pure Breed Axies tend to be more valuable. 

How to identify if an Axie will enter Last Stand?

Prepare your calculators because it’s time to do some maths! Quick disclaimer, these formulas were written and calculated by the Axie community, meaning they are not ‘official.’ 

So, there are two things to consider when contemplating whether or not your Axie will enter Last Stand: the Excess Damage and the Morale Modifier. To determine the Excess Damage, you have to calculate the damage of the enemy’s fatal attack minus your Axie’s remaining Health Points.

Axie Last Stand Excess Damage

On the other hand, we have to identify the Morale Modifier by multiplying the Axie’s remaining HP by its Morale and dividing it by 100.

Axie Last Stand Morale Modifier

Your Axie will enter Last Stand if the Morale Modifier is greater than the Excess Damage from the opponent’s last attack. 

Let go through an examplar together with this Beast Axie:

Beast Last Stand in Axie Infinity Example

Situation: this Beast Axie has 61 Morale and 120 remaining HP before the opponent’s attack. The enemy hits the Beast Axie with a critical attack carrying 150 damage.

Let’s apply the formula:

  • Excess Damage = 150 – 120 = 30
  • Morale Modifier = (120 x 61) / 100 = 73.2

As you can see, the Morale Modifier is higher than Excess Damage. This means that the Beast Axie will have a high chance of entering Last Stand!

To sum up, if your Axie has high Morale, it has a higher chance of entering Last Stand. With strategic playing, getting Last Stand in Axie Infinity could be the difference between winning and losing! Keep an eye out for cards that can disable your Axie’s Last Stand! And also for cards that lower your Axie’s Morale. If your Axie has lower Morale, then at least raise your shield to survive your enemy’s critical attacks.

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