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Why are Origin Axies so Expensive? | The Truth Behind Them



This article was published on July 12, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

What are Origin Axies?

Origin Axies are Axies that were created during Axie Infinity’s two-month pre-sale event in 2018.

How many are there?

At the presale, Axie infinity set a hard cap of 4,088 Origins that were to be sold. Currently there are only 269 Origin Axies in Axie Infinity Marketplace and the floor price is 4.4 ETH as of July 13th 2021.

Axie Origin Floor

Are these Axies rare?

Yes. Origins were the Axies sold at the first ever Axie sale in 2018 and are the foundational blocks of the Axie movement. Origins are the first tagged Axies that were released and there will never be more Origins. They are well respected for their rarity, but have no current aesthetic benefits and in-game utility, yet.

The fact that these Axies are rare and “original” has shot their prices up to a range of $9,621.51 to $21,374,987 USD (PHP480, 000 to over 1 Billion Pesos).

Tenn Origin

Are Origin Axies a Good Investment?

Well, we think they have the potential to increase in price! Remember, people love limited assets and blockchain is great for ensuring scarcity and ownership. Origin Axies are one of the best fixed quantity asset, more specifically low ID origins are a very niche market to get into.

Origin Axies are also passports to different experiences. For instance, the closed beta was open to all Origin holders, while non-Origin holders had to wait for the Open Beta. More about that in another post.

Do you want to grab an Origin Axie while they are cheap? Visit Axie Infinity Marketplace to buy one:

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