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Blockchain Games on Wemix!


You might have already heard about Mir4, which is also one of the most famous play-to-earn RPG games out there. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that it does not run on Polygon, BSC, Solana, or Polkadot? Instead, Mir4 runs on a network called WEMIX. 

What if I tell you that other P2E games also run on the same blockchain network? Yes, a couple of them are actually considered WEMIX staples!

In this piece, we go through a brief rundown of the Wemix Network and the projects that operate within the ecosystem. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is Wemix?

Wemix refers to three things:

  1. It is a blockchain network that allows for easy integration of DApps into its ecosystem.
  2. It is a proprietary wallet that operates on a network of the same name.
  3. It is also the name of the ecosystem’s token (i.e., MATIC for Polygon, SOL for Solana, etc.)

What are the projects that run on Wemix?

Alongside several others, the most popular projects run on Wemix include:

  1. Bird Tornado,
  2. Mir4,
  3. Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict (GBCC), and;
  4. Rise of Stars.

How do I get a Wemix wallet?

You have to install the Wemix wallet on your phone and follow the quick instructions for registering your wallet. You can link your wallet to games operating on the Wemix network when complete! It usually takes only a few seconds for players to link games. The process is just as seamless as in networks like Polygon and BSC!

How do you earn within a Wemix game?

To give an example, players of GBCC earn WEMIX by smelting (i.e., minting) Titanium into MILICO. At the time of writing, the value of MILICO is $0.55 (P28). One has to pay 100,000 Titanium plus up to 25% additional tax to mint one MILICO token. In addition, platters should have a Trade Warehouse to be able to mint the token. Each player is restricted to having a maximum of 100 MILICO per day, which provides fair opportunities for players to get some P2E tokens out of the game. We should also note that Titanium is needed for major actions within the game; as a result, it serves as a natural and compelling burning mechanism for GBCC.

In turn, players can convert MILICO into either WEMIX/USDT and do whatever they want with their tokens afterward.

WEMIX has proven to be a reliable P2E token as far as its games are concerned.

Who operates the Wemix network?

The Wemix network is operated by Wemade Tree, a subsidiary of the parent company Wemade. Both companies are based in South Korea, and as already mentioned, they are among the people behind the Legend of Mir series of MMORPGs. We can safely say that both Wemade and Wemade Tree carry a lot of weight when it comes to producing games in the Asian market. Indeed, many of their titles appeal (and are actively played) by people who reside in Asia!

How much is WEMIX token worth right now?

Wemix’s token, known as WEMIX, sells at around $5USD (~P250). Most currencies and utility tokens in the Wemix Network are pegged to the value of the network coin. In addition, they are an integral part of the projects that use the said ecosystem. Based on the token’s history on the open market, the WEMIX token could theoretically withhold an intrinsic market value as long as the network’s games stay active and profitable. In other words, WEMIX could potentially become something like Polygon or AXS in the foreseeable future due to the sheer amount of utility that it offers to its players, users, and investors.

Final Thoughts

Several long-standing blockchain gaming projects operate on this network, though they might not be as well-known as projects in Polygon, BSC, and the like. Also, some games on the Wemix network had non-blockchain iterations in the past: Gunship Battle and MIR are two of the most prominent examples of this. As a result, players don’t have to relearn every mechanic when playing these games’ blockchain versions.

Do you plan to play any Wemix games in the foreseeable future?