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Star Atlas Launches ‘The Showroom’ to Give a Glimpse of the Metaverse

Star Atlas Showroom

The Showroom is a pre-alpha Unreal Engine 5 experience for Star Atlas Universe. In short, The Showroom will provide its visitors with a metaverse experience. Ultimately, this will give players a taste of the Star Atlas gameplay, which will be available later.

Star Atlas Showroom
A sneak Peak at the Star Atlas Show Room

At the ATMTA quarterly progress report, the Star Atlas enthusiasts got a special treat. The release of The Showroom, a pre-launch metaverse-based gameplay experience of the game. Plus, the new release will give the players and users an Unreal Engine 5 graphics experience

Fascinating Gameplay and Utility to Look Forward To

The users are keen to know more about the Star Atlas gameplay and the NFT’s utility. The Showroom will give the users a new experience and the opportunity to explore the Star Atlas world. In the metaverse, they have built every aspect, item, environment, background, etc. from scratch. Furthermore, this provides Star Atlas with impressive and immersive graphics. 

The Showroom is a small representation of the big dreams of Star Atlas, a game based on the Solana blockchain. Moreover, the development team sets protocols in each element to record data. Even better, they leverage this data to improve further and build exciting mechanics. 

UE5 module in Star Atlas — The Showroom

The Chief Product Officer at ATMTA says, “Game development resembles the process of a child learning how to move: First comes the hard part, where we have to learn to crawl, and we are here now, crawling.”

The development team is creating every object with the utmost expertise and attention to detail. The Showroom represents a gateway to the Star Atlas world. 

How to Enter The Showroom

To enter the Star Atlas pre-alpha Showroom, take the following steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Click on the link that will direct you to the Epic Games Launcher
  3. Download Showroom and open it
  4. Once you reach the Showroom landing page, you’ll need to connect a wallet (instructions below)
  5. Go to your player profile page
  6. If you qualify for access, you’ll see your game key listed on your profile page
  7. If not, there are ways anyone can earn admittance with a small amount of effort and time.

Gamifying the User Experience with The Showroom 

In The Showroom, the players will take on the role of Asha. Given that, Asha is the captain of the Council of Peace Forces. Asha is an instructor at the Academy and also trains new arrivals. This role will also ask the players to manage other characters. 

Asha (along with the player) will explore The Showroom. The character will move through the terminals. Plus, to build them, the development team has used advanced Photoli Teleportation Technology. Consequently, all this will allow the player to materialize components and objects in the game. 

Within this, the users can also explore the limited version of the Star Atlas world from every angle. The Showroom only allows entering with one player. However, the new version will allow one player to bring up to 32 friends into their studio. 

The Star Atlas development team is constantly working on adding more features and functionality. 

The Star Atlas DAO interface has a new feature called Atlas Locking that further integrates the governance layer with the galaxy’s economy and market. This feature was also unveiled by ATMTA. Players now have the option to lock their Atlas tokens for a maximum of five years, similar to the recently announced Polis Locking.

Due to the sale of its non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Star Atlas’ Discord community has hundreds of thousands of followers, and ATMTA has hundreds of employees.