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Jihoz Sparks Twitter War with Corey Wilton: Calls Pegaxy a ‘Failed Horse Racing Game’


Jihoz, a Co-Founder of Axie Infinity, sparked a Twitter war with Corey Wilton, the CEO of Pegaxy after he threw shade against the latter. So, what’s the “tea” all about? Let’s see!

P2E News recently shared a Twitter poll asking followers to vote for the best Web3 gaming ecosystem. It appears that the poll was shared without any ulterior motive on any specific entity. However, Jihoz subsequently retweeted the post, advising his followers not to engage with P2E News since according to him, its owners have a record of manipulation and failure. It seems that Jihoz believed that P2E News was still under the management of Corey.

Jihoz’s retweet included the caption:

This account is run by the team behind a failed horse racing game. Don’t engage with it as the owners have a record of manipulation and failure.

Corey quickly responded to Jihoz’s tweet, questioning why he never say “things” to him in person such as at Philippine Web3 Festival where the two were present.

Corey's reply to Jihoz

Corey emphasized that he hasn’t owned P2E News in a year. He also defended Pegaxy, stating that they have not failed as much as Jihoz claimed. Corey challenged Jihoz to specify the manipulation he was referring to and questioned the progress of Jihoz’s goal to reach 1 million followers.

But why did Jihoz suddenly attack Corey and Pegaxy?

First, it’s important to know why everybody is shocked about Jihoz’s behavior against Corey.

According to Corey, Jihoz was in the line behind him at dinner (during the Philippine Web3 Fest) and even went to their after-party (Gathering of the Greats at Xylo bar in BGC).

Corey's tweet

Jihoz was also seen replying to Corey’s tweet in 2022, which gave the community the impression that the two were positively interacting and building in the Web3 space.

So, why is Jihoz suddenly throwing shades against Corey? No one knows the exact answer. However, let’s analyze the possibilities of what could have triggered Jihoz to post such a tweet.

First, Jihoz may have been offended by the meme posted by Corey on Twitter, which replaced Jihoz’s face with Corey’s in a popular picture, saying “2022, WE’LL SHOCK THE WORLD (AGAIN). It was captioned “Who made this?!”.

The picture was originally Jihoz’s face, with the quote from his tweet from January 1, 2022.

Jihoz's tweet
Jihoz’s tweet stating that they will shock the world again in 2022.

Second, P2E News’ tweet about Axie Infinity:

As earlier mentioned, Jihoz was under the impression that P2E News was still owned by Corey, which has since been proven to be untrue. It’s possible that Jihoz interpreted the above tweet as a harsh critique against Axie Infinity, when in fact it was simply a post aiming to get community opinions.

Hours later after Jihoz’s controversial statement, Corey posted a tweet saying that he just want to build Mirai Labs with his team in peace. Mirai Labs is the studio behind Pegaxy and other developing games.

Meanwhile, the web3 gaming community shared their thoughts about the feud between Jihoz and Corey. Many were surprised by Jihoz’s sudden outburst against Corey and Pegaxy, as he had never shown such behavior before.

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