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SolChicks Unveils the Catheon Gaming Ecosystem with 25 NFT Games

SolChicks Catheon Gaming Ecosystem

The Catheon Gaming Ecosystem follows a vision, that is, to create an impact with gaming. What started with a single game is now a cohort of 25 games that will work to empower gamers.

SolChicks introduced the Catheon Gaming Ecosystem, which includes 25 games. The ecosystem will be powered by $CATHEON tokens that can be exchanged for $CHICKS. Furthermore, the ecosystem’s claiming dashboard will go live on October 24th.

Catheon Gaming is the team behind Solana MMORPG SolChicks

The Catheon Gaming Ecosystem, according to the announcement, is the ideal platform for the team to create a comprehensive gaming world in the industry. Given that, the ecosystem is built on four pillars: game development and publishing, Catheon Gaming Center, Catheon Labs, and Catheon Metaverse.

Aside from SolChicks Saga, Catheon’s portfolio contains a growing number of exciting NFT titles. Seoul Stars, Aotuverse, Angrymals, War of GAMA, Prajna Gate, Onigiri Metaverse, and others are among them.

What to expect?

SolChicks is one of the fastest-growing startups, and the platform is based on the Solana blockchain. The Catheon Gaming ecosystem is a part of SolChicks, and it also runs on the same blockchain. The platform has a total of 50 million gamers, and now they will have the opportunity to play more than 25 games on a single ecosystem. 

SolChicks will work on the development and publishing of the games, along with working on the Catheon Gaming Center. It will also have labs and an accelerator, along with introducing the players to the Metaverse. The $CATHEON token will power all of these components.  

Going forward, the SolChicks $CHICKS will be rebranded and relaunched as $CATHEON tokens. The $CATHEON is also one a kind of token on the Solana and Polygon blockchain. 

$CATHEON : A Token with Extended Utility

The $CATHEON, the token’s utility, will include multiple functions. The players and users can use the token in the form of a universal currency for the SolChicks and Catheon ecosystems. Moreover, the players can also pay the transaction fee and complete in-game purchases. 

The players and users can use it for staking and pay the advisory fees. They can also complete the metaverse purchases and use them for governance. The existing $CHICKS holders can swap their tokens for $CATHEON with a 1:1 ratio. 

On 13th October 2022 at 1:00 PM, a snapshot will happen. Moreover, the users can claim $CATHEON tokens in accordance with the balance at the time of the snapshot. Finally, the swap dashboard will release on the 24th of October.

SolChicks and Catheon Gaming is a comprehensive ecosystem. The purpose of this platform is to empower gamers everywhere with better functionality and higher graphics.

Catheon Gaming: An Overview

Catheon Gaming was founded in September 2021 with the primary goal of laying the groundwork for the introduction of SolChicks. Despite its humble beginnings, the company has since been recognized by HSBC and KPMG as the fastest-growing blockchain enterprise in the Asia Pacific region. Over fifty million people have downloaded one or more of its twenty-five NFT games as of this writing.