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Sorare and EFL Championships Join Forces to Launch a Trading Card Game for the Fans

Sorare Card Game

Sorare brings the EFL Championships Clubs into the trading card game. The NFT fantasy football league based on the Ethereum blockchain is beginning with Watford FC. Moreover, the Hornets’ 2022/23 cards are present on the marketplace and are eligible for Sorare’s 2nd Division Competitions.

Sorare, in partnership with five English Football League (EFL) clubs, launches a trading card game. The clubs in the partnership are Burnley, Coventry City, Millwall, Norwich City, and Watford. The remaining 19 clubs can also become a part of the game in the future. 

Soarare Watford
All 2022/23 cards of the Hornets are now on the Market.

A Trading Game for the EFL Championship and Sorare Community

The partnership between Sorare and the EFL will allow users to collect, trade, and play with NFTs. These NFTs represent players from different teams. While the fans get a chance to collect and trade NFTs, the clubs and players get access to an additional revenue stream. 

The Head of Business at Sorare says, “One of the things our users enjoy most about Sorare is the chance it gives them to act as a talent scout, identifying the next breakthrough stars before anyone else. Many of today’s best players began their careers outside the top five leagues. The EFL Championship is increasingly seen globally as a great source of emerging talent, so our game must reflect that.”

Allowing Fans to Celebrate Their Love for the Game

Trading card games allow the fans of the sport to engage with it closely. All the trading cards for this league will be available on Sorare. Furthermore, the players can trade the cards with other players in the trading card game. 

As the game progresses, the Sorare team’s motive is to inspire players to trade in other Sorare global tournaments. Moreover, another tournament connected with Sorare is Germany’s Bundesliga

In the EFL Clubs, Millwall’s Head of Partnerships, Andrew Stead, says, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Sorare to offer Millwall fans an exciting new way to engage with their favourite players and to help their club connect even more with football fans from around the world.”

Millwall and other clubs have tied the knot with Sorare for two main reasons, to get higher fan engagement and higher revenue generation.

Stepping Up the Game

Players can now put their knowledge of soccer beyond the major leagues to the test in a new competition called “Second Division Europe,” which will include the Championship, LaLiga 2, the second divisions of France and Germany, and more.

Sorare Soccer Cards
Sorare is expanding its soccer offering.

Outside of soccer

Sorare has also signed contracts with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) (NBA). The company wants to get people interested in North America and other places as well.

Sorare recently announced that it would be working with Plan A, a business sustainability company, to help with more important projects. The goal of the partnership is to build the first net-zero gaming company in the world. This is an important step toward reducing the carbon footprint of the gaming industry.

The Goal

Sorare Platform
Sports collectibles have been a way for football fans to show how much they love the sport for a long time. Now, with Sorare, Watford FC fans can experience a whole new world of online fandom.

The ultimate goal is for players to compete in leagues using the most recent cards and to participate in Sorare global tournaments. Sorare’s Championship debut this week follows similar collaborations with Germany’s 2. Bundesliga, France’s Ligue 2 BKT, and Spain’s LaLiga 2.

Millwall and its four EFL rivals have three key goals for their collaboration with Sorare:

  • Participation of fans.
  • Creating revenue.
  • During the Covid pandemic, many clubs, particularly in the lower league, suffered significant losses in earnings from ticket sales, sponsorship, and broadcast revenue, prompting many teams to turn to blockchain technology as a new revenue stream.

To sum up

If you have a favorite EFL club, it’s worth keeping up with the latest Sorare news. With no signs of abating, we can expect many more soccer clubs to join.

WatforFC’s partnership with Sorare will allow it to expand its international reach by engaging new fans, including two million registered users in markets around the world, in addition to supporting existing fan bases.

After all, combining a free-to-play fantasy game with digital collectibles – supported by cutting-edge technology to create digital scarcity for each card – brings fans closer to the game they love.