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How to Play Axie Infinity Origin on Android
How to Play Axie Infinity Origin on Android in 2023
Axie Infinity Origin S2 Bird Cards
Axie Infinity Origin Season 2: Bird Cards
Developer Portal
Axie Infinity Launches Sky Mavis Developer Portal: A Haven for Developers to Access API Keys, References and a Developer Console!

Axie Infinity, the blockchain-based game that focuses on famous digital collectible monsters called Axie, is excited to announce the launch of the Sky Mavis Developer Portal. The new portal is a one-stop shop for developers looking to access the powerful tools and resources that the Sky Mavis ecosystem has to offer.

Axie Infinity Will Host an Off-Season Community Tournament on January 9 and 10!

Axie Infinity is excited to announce that it will host an off-season community tournament on January 9 and 10, live on its Twitch channel! This tournament is an excellent opportunity for the Axie Infinity community to showcase new builds for the upcoming Origins Season 2.

App.axie Now Allows You To Equip, Buy, and Sell Fancy Accessories!

Good news, Lunacians! Axie Infinity announced today on Twitter that you may now equip, buy, and sell fancy accessories through App.axie! In addition, Axie Infinity will hold a #AxieLookBook competition to select Lunacia's most fashionable Axies! As a reward, they have reserved some early ID accessories and AXS.

axie infinity: homeland
Axie Infinity: Homeland Alpha is Now Live!
Axie Infinity Released Reptile Runes and Charms Newest Update!
Saigon: A Ronin Testnet For Developers is Live!

Today, November 23rd, Ronin announced the launch of Saigon, an open testnet for Ronin. Saigon offers several benefits to developers. What exactly are they? Check out this article for more details.

MT8 and Puzzle Team
MT8 and Puzzle Team Received $70,000 for Winning the MMG Axie Masters League!

The MMG Axie Masters League were contested by eight teams, with the MT8 and Puzzle team emerging as the grand champion! They took home $70,000, or 4 million pesos. Let's take a look back at the competition and get to know the winners.

Axie Infinity’s Special Occasion Contest is Live!

Following the previous Halloween Contests of Axie Inifnity, the team recently announced on October 3rd that they would be launching another contest called "A Special Occasion Contest" for owners of Special Axies. The collectors have been wishing for an event like this. So if you are a collector, then this contest is for you!

Sky Mavis Launched the New Ronin Mobile Wallet!
Axie Infinity Announced Axie Halloween Contests with AXS Prizes
Axie Infinity Announced Axie Halloween Contests with AXS Prizes!
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