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The BEST Card Combos for Bird Axies!



This article was published on August 14, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

Now that Axie Infinity’s new upgrade has begun, everyone is hustling to grind better in PVP and raise their Match Making Rate (MMR) to get greater SLP rewards. We want our Axie community to thrive, so we have provided these combo tips to help you dominate PVP with your Bird Axie. 

Combo 1: Two King Fisher + Two Cool Breeze Cards

Best Card Combos for Bird Axies_4Combo

Consider this as the best combo against Aquatic Class Axies. Unlike other types, Aquatic Axies have higher Health Points, making them tougher to kill. A random four-card combo is not enough; you need to strategize and choose the right cards.

You will do 280 damage thanks to the two CoolBreeze cards, plus an additional 304 damage with the two King Fishers. This combo, in this sequence, should end your enemy’s “Last Stand” as well. 

Note: make sure to place your Cool Breeze cards first, as we’ve noticed that the following King Fisher cards will be more effective – meaning you have greater odds of defeating your enemy’s Last Stand position. 

Combo 2: Two Eggbomb

Eggbomb Axie

This combo is best when you still have two or more Axies remaining and you have drawn cards from your other Axies as well. Aroma is a strategy card! After use, the Bird will attract all the enemies’ attacks. As you can see, two Eggbomb cards will bring a Beast Axie into critical or death if not shielded as it deals slightly higher damage on that class (160 damage instead of the regular 120). On a Beast target, this combo will cause 320 damage!

Card Combo Bird Axie 2

Here are some other combos that you can try:      

Combo 3: Dark Swoop + Soothing Song + Blackmail + All-out Shot

Bird Axie Card Combos_Little Owl + Doubletalk + Blackmail + All-out

Dark Swoop allows you to target the fastest enemy. Follow it with the Soothing Song to apply Sleep to your target. Sleep will void the target’s shield for the following oncoming attacks. So, no matter how high the enemy’s defense is, they will feel the full force of your high-attack cards: Blackmail and All-out Shot.

Combo 4: Puffy Smack + Cool Breeze + Peace Treaty + Blackmail

Bird Axie Card Combo

This is your best combo if one of your opponent’s Axie is on Last Stand. Usually, the opponent will skip the next round when their Axie is on Last Stand. Why would they skip? Well, it’s because they expect you to draw your card and finally defeat their Axie. At the same time, by skipping, they would be collecting additional energy for the next round in preparation for a strong attack. 

Remember, in Last Stand, every action taken reduces the red bar. Thus, draw the Puffy Smack card because it skips targets that are in Last Stand. All your attacks that round will then affect your opponent’s ‘healthy’ Axies. 

Combo 5: Dark Swoop + Eggbomb+ Eggbomb + Blackmail

Eggbomb Card Combo Bird Axie

The above is a very clever combo. Let’s say you are first to go, and you only have three energy available. What should you do? Use Dark Swoop to target the fastest enemy and combo it with Eggbombs then a Blackmail card. 

The Eggbomb gives your Bird an Aroma. This can be dangerous for your Bird since some enemies will attack you in the first round. You might say an early goodbye to your Bird when a damage dealer enemy attacks next with critical hits. 

That is why we use the Blackmail card to transfer the Aroma to your target Axie. Your Bird is now safe in the first round. If you have four energy available, draw the Dark Swoop, 2 Eggbombs, and finally Blackmail to guarantee a critical strike against the target Axie.

Combo 6: Sunder Armor + Insectivore + Feather Lunge

Bird Axie Card Combo 6

This is the best combo if: (1) your front Axie has perished; (2) your opponent’s Bird is first to go, and it has a Dark Swoop card. Better to prepare for the possible attacks instead of regretting it when it’s too late! After all, the above combo comprises high attack cards. You can also add a zero-energy card if you have one.

If you want more combo tips, tutorials, play-to-earn latest news, and leaks, make sure to always check in at and follow us on social media. Happy grinding! 

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