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Star Atlas New Showroom R2.1 is Live!


Star Atlas, an MMORPG set in the year 2620, has just released its latest update: Showroom R2.1. Let’s dive into all the features it brings!

What is Showroom R2.1?

Showroom R2.1 is the newest Star Atlas Unreal Engine 5 update and it comes with 11 features.

Exclusive Features

All 49 Ships Are Ready for Action

In Showroom R2.1, Star Atlas takes ship simulation to the next level. Every single one of the 49 ships is now fully flyable and shootable!

6 Fully Finished Ships

In this update, Star Atlas introduces six fully finished ships to the fray. You may enjoy their detailed exteriors!

Jetpack Mode

Star Atlas amplifies the thrill of zero-gravity exploration with the addition of the jetpack mode. Strap on your jetpack and defy the laws of physics as you soar through the vastness of space in Star Atlas!

Updated Train Station

The Showroom R2.1 update brings improvements to the game’s infrastructure, including an updated Train Station.

Single-player Ground Racing Mode

For those seeking ground-based excitement, Star Atlas now offers a single-player ground racing mode. Hop into a lightning-fast hovercraft and test your skills against challenging AI opponents on thrilling race tracks scattered throughout the Star Atlas universe.

Improved Dogfighting Arena

Star Atlas presents dogfighting with an improved arena for intense aerial combat.

Unreal Engine 5 Star Atlas Marketplace

The Unreal Engine 5 Star Atlas marketplace receives a well-deserved revamp in Showroom R2.1. You can now browse through a wide selection of ships with improved ship selection options, making it easier to find the perfect vessel for your next adventure.

Ships Test Flight

Curious about a particular ship’s handling and features? Showroom R2.1 introduces the ships’ test flight feature, giving players the opportunity to walk around inside and outside of ships!

Photographer Career Mode

Do you feel like being a photographer? Star Atlas introduces the Photographer Career mode, enabling players to embrace their artistic side and capture breathtaking shots of the game’s stunning celestial landscapes.

About Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a futuristic theme, taking place in the year 2620. The game is based on blockchain technology, allowing players to engage in trading, acquiring, and designing unique and indivisible tokens (NFTs) that exist within the Star Atlas universe. This creates an economy that mirrors the real world’s tangible assets, ownership, and worth. Additionally, players can immerse themselves in the game’s universe and enjoy its dynamic gameplay.

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