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MaskOn Launches 960 NFTs for Charity!


As a humble effort to ease the pain of current Covid-19 victims and improve the conditions of the doctors on the front line, MaskOn – a charity fundraising venture created by blockchain and crypto projects in Vietnam – has launched a collection of NFTs to raise for charity. The NFT is a token of appreciation for the generous donor, and it will also come with benefits for the owner in upcoming crypto-related events. 

MaskOn’s NFT Collection

The MaskOn collection will include 1000 NFTs! There are two clear variables within the NFT: Mask On (wearing a mask) and Mask Off (not wearing a mask). 

Inspired by the colorful national folk arts of Hang Trong and Dong Ho Paintings, the designs embody and take inspiration from Vietnamese culture and people. With enriched traditional values such as the colonial hat, the national flag, brocade motifs, etc. — all by Vietnamese, all about Vietnam, and for Vietnam. 

With each NFT, a story about Vietnamese heroes, cultural activities and heritages will be unveiled – bringing a unique experience to the bearer. NFT holders will learn more about the traditional culture of Vietnam while also contributing to a good cause. 

MaskOn will sell 960 NFTs on the official website. The rest of the collection can be obtained from the “Donate for Good Luck” campaign. They will release details of this campaign at a later date. 

MaskOn Nft Charity

1000 NFTs with original designs and stories can be a valuable collection for any art lover with a heart of gold.

Getting Involved

From the 5th of March through to the 19th, participants will be able to purchase these NFTs on MaskOn’s official website here. The sale is conducted on the Polygon chain using MATIC. The price of the NFT will be equivalent to $100USD accordingly. 

Holders will have the privilege of participating in exclusive events hosted by partners in the programs. Hence, the price of the NFTs within the collection may increase over time thanks to its uniqueness and benefits. 

If you miss the sale – don’t worry! Shortly after (from the 20th through to the 30th of March), a second NFT collection will launch. This limited-edition collection will feature the young generation of emerging pop artists in Vietnam. 

MaskOn NFT

The limited collection featured rising stars in the Vpop industry regarding Binz, Tlinh, and MCK. 

How to obtain MaskOn NFT Collection

To purchase an NFT in the MaskOn Collection, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Visit MaskOn’s official website:  
  2. Link your Polygon wallet (Matic Network)
  3. Click Mint and choose the number of NFT you want to purchase. You can mint 1 NFT or 5 NFTs at once. The NFT(s) you received will be random.
  4. Transfer the amount along with the gas fee to mint your NFT(s). The NFT(s) will transfer to your wallet soon after.
  5. You can check the NFT(s) in your wallet or in the “My Collection” Tab

And that’s about it! With each NFT, you will be able to lend your hand to the fight against Covid19 in Vietnam and soothe the stressful situation with your kind donation. 

About Vietnam’s Covid-19 situation

Since 2020, the global pandemic COVID-19 has caused significant losses for almost all nations and territories. Especially with the appearance of many new, more dangerous, and more contagious variants. Within the last 6 months alone, there have been over 2,000,000 reported COVID-19 cases in Vietnam. This has severely impacted the economy, the health, and the mentality of Vietnamese citizens. 1,945,611 of the affected patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals. Vietnam has also recorded 37,291 deaths due to the pandemic. The latest community transmission cases have been reported from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa, and Hai Phong, among others. 

About MaskOn

MaskOn is a charity fundraising project aimed at the blockchain and crypto community, calling for donations for Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19. MaskOn demonstrates the collective strength and solidarity of the Vietnamese people against the pandemic. In addition, this is the first time in Vietnam that blockchain technology acts as a transparent tool to call for community support, thereby promoting the growth of blockchain and crypto.

All funding from the Project will be donated to the “Mai Am Hanh Phuc” Fund to purchase COVID treatment medicines and necessities.

MaskOn uses blockchain technology to manage donations with transparency. Generous donors can transfer directly through crypto wallets (ETH, BSC, POL, SOL).

  1. ETH, BSC, Polygon donation wallet:
  2. SOL donation wallet:
  3. NFT donation wallet:


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